2013 Jayco Herald Sun Tour Jordan Kerby

Credit: Michael Klein/Herald Sun

Another Australian youngster has upstaged World Tour riders on a hot day during the prologue of the Jayco Sun Herald Tour in Victoria, Australia. 20 year old Jordan Kerby (Suzuki-Bontrager) beat out the likes of Simon Gerrans, Stuart O’Grady, Simon Clarke and Matthew Goss on the 4.7 km blast around Williamstown.

Kerby completed the course in 5 mins 25 seconds with New Zealander Joe Cooper (Huon Salmon–Genesys Wealth Advisors) second at 5mins 26.48secs and David Kelly (Total Rush- Hyster Racing) third with 5mins 28.69secs.

The win took Kerby by surprise despite his strong time trialling credentials. ”I kind of expected for someone to do a better time, but rider by rider went and they weren’t beating me so I was getting a bit more excited towards the last 10 guys.”

Although Kerby got the win, the other big names are still within range at the end of day 1. The big favourites like Simon Gerrans (Jayco Australian National Team), Greg Henderson (Grays Online New Zealand National Team) and defending champion Nathan Haas (Jayco Australian National Team) are at 6, 7 and 11 seconds respectively.

Tomorrow’s stage is set to be a belter: 148 kms (92 miles) from Sunbury to Bendigo. Because of the forecasted extreme temperatures over 40 degrees celsius (104 f), the stage will get underway at 09.30am.

Credit: Jayco Herald Sun Tour

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