Motorhome money


As we were new to the whole motorhome/campervan holiday, we couldn’t help but fastidiously plan and budget for our trip well before we arrived in France. A major part of the planning process was working out where we were going to stay the night while following the tour. Did we need to book a campsite or could we stay on the side of the road? Because we didn’t know the answers to these questions, we decided to book campsites for the majority of our trip, excluding some mountain stages where we knew we would have to camp roadside to ensure a good viewing spot.

To help keep our trip on budget, we created a Campsite Budget Sheet with the estimated cost of each campsite, what we paid in deposits, what we owed, and what was ultimately paid. Below you can see and download our final Campsite Budget Sheet. All-in-all we spent a total of 718.58 Euro on Campsites. Not bad, but you could certainly do it for less if you wanted to.

Our Campsite Budget Sheet

Although we were happy that we had planned ahead, with hindsight, you do not need to stay in a campsite every night if you’re following the Tour de France. As a rough guideline, you should aim to stay at a campsite every third night. This is about how long your electricity, water and septic tanks will hold out. However, as mentioned in this post, you can empty and fill water tanks and septic tanks at most major petrol/gas stations.

If you are also the sort of person who likes to budget and plan ahead, here is a blank version of our Campsite Budget Template for you. It’s an Excel document with all  formulas embedded – all you have to do is put in your costs and the totals will automatically appear.

Campsite Budget Template

Happy budgeting!

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