Graham Watson

Credit: Michael Crook/

Cycling photographer, Graham Watson, has caused a stir after he claimed in a recent blog post that Lance Armstrong ‘did what he had to do to win’. Watson also refused to criticise Armstrong for doping, despite the scandal bringing cycling to its knees back in October 2012.

Watson wrote that Armstrong’s punishment did not fit the crime: “Lance did what he had to do to win, and he clearly did it very well. If he cheated, he cheated the other cheats of that era, even if by doing so he also cheated an adoring public…Angels do not win a Tour de France. ”

Watson heaps plenty of stick on USADA for its ‘malicious’ and ‘vindictive’ pursuit of Armstrong but admits that a ‘lot of good will arise from the USADA investigation. […] A scare from an outside agency is not a bad thing if it tells the anti-drug agencies of today to go that extra mile or two and look even deeper [at potential doping]’.

You might not agree with all his points, but it’s still a thoughtful and thought-provoking post – and well worth reading if only to get his review of season 2012 as well as his preview and predictions for 2013.

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