Andy Schleck close up


In an interview with Le Monde [translated] on Friday, Andy Schleck offered his thoughts on doping in cycling, the Lance Armstrong saga, and his prickly relationship with former Director Sportif of Radioshack Nissan, Johan Bruyneel.

In the wide-ranging interview, Schleck claimed that cycling professionals ‘cannot do more’ than they are already doing to prove their anti-doping credentials:

‘What do we, the riders, have to do to prove that we don’t dope? We have the biological passport, the whereabouts system, we are the most tested athletes,’ he said.

‘Some people want to change cycling, but cycling has already changed,’ he said. ‘The Armstrong affair, that was another era. The Armstrong affair harmed us but we can take lessons from it, develop things within the existing framework and with the tools at our disposal.’


Schleck didn’t take any backward steps when asked about his reaction to USADA’s claims against Johan Bruyneel. Plenty have attributed his (relatively) poor season last year to the prickly relationship he had working under Bruyneel: ‘Last year I had the impression of being alone, abandoned by Johan.’

2013 prospects

Schleck said he is looking forward to a productive 2013 beginning with the Tour Down Under on January 22. ‘I really want to ride the Tour Down Under, I’ve never ridden it before,’ he said.

‘This is the first time I started by season so early. But this is a trend of other teams as well. Prior to this period, riders were skiing. Today, they are hard at work on the bike because they’ve got big ambitions for the season.’

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