Armstrong sullen


An interesting report this morning from the  New York Times which claimed that Lance Armstrong is considering publicly admitting to using performance enhancing drugs and blood transfusions during his professional career.

The New York Times is reporting sources close to him as saying that Armstrong wants his lifetime competition ban reduced so he can compete in and run triathlon events.

When asked if Armstrong might admit to cheating, Armstrong’s longtime lawyer, Tim Herman, said “Lance has to speak for himself on that.”

The report claimed Armstrong had met with USADA head, Travis Tygart, and was seeking a meeting with World Anti-doping Agency director general, David Howman. Neither Tygart or Howman have confirmed the report, although Herman denies any meetings have taken place.

There are numerous legal hurdles that would deter Armstrong from ever admitting to cheating, however. Any admission would adversely affect his chances of defending himself against Floyd Landis’ whistle blowing case as well as the lawsuits from Dallas-based insurance company, SCA Promotions and the British newspaper, the Sunday Times.

But most importantly, an Armstrong admission could result in a perjury charge being brought against him for false statements he made under oath in an earlier SCA Promotions lawsuit.

There is no doubt that an admission of guilt would be the best thing for cycling. It would vindicate USADA for its pursuit of Armstrong and it would finally shut the door on a sorry time in cycling’s history.

It might also be the first step in Armstrong’s atonement.

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