Credit: Vélocia

Credit: Vélocia

In a report today published by The Telegraph, British Cycling President, Brian Cookson, claimed that Lance Armstrong must turn whistleblower and tell the full truth if New York Times reports of his imminent admission are true.



‘Who knows what Armstrong’s motivation is now, but I hope that when he tells the truth, he tells the whole truth, the whole story and if he feels the need to name names, then do so,’ Cookson said.

‘If he feels the need to give evidence against other people, then do so, but let’s not have any false accusations or innuendos. Let’s have the full truth, a full disclosure of everything.’

But like most cycling pundits, Cookson doubted what possible motivation Armstrong would have to force an admission:

‘I find it difficult to understand what his motivation is after denying and denying again after all these years, and then finally giving up and wanting to tell the truth. Armstrong’s confession is a matter for him and his conscience.’

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