Cadel Evans Sign in

Credit: Marylene Evrard

Fairfax Newspapers have reported today on Cadel Evans’ plans for season 2013. A strong showing in the Tour de France remains his main goal. But to get himself back up to peak fitness, he is looking to pack in a much heavier racing program for the early part of the season.

‘I [may] start at the Tour of Oman [February 12-17] or some of the smaller one-day races in Italy,’ Evans told journalist Rupert Guinness.

Yet Evans remains unsure how his body will bounce back after a stomach virus that ruined his chances of a TdF title defence.

‘Because of the health issues I had last year, I have to see how my body responds to heavy training and racing before I can be sure.’

Cycling fans would no doubt relish the chance to see Evans race Contador so early in the season, although Evans was quick to downplay any early-season rivalry:

‘If Alberto and I both start in Oman, I think we will both be riding our own races in accordance with our preparation for the season,’ said Evans.

Long term supporters of Evans will be pleased to hear that this year, BMC will be picking a strong climbing team to support the 35 year old. All too often in the Tour de France, Evans would be without team support on those long HC category climbs.

‘It’s always difficult to find a good balance [of riders for flat and mountain stages] in the Tour team. We’ll weight our team more to climbers in 2013.’

Longer term

You’d be right to wonder how much longer Evans can perform at the highest levels in the sport. By the time the 101st Tour de France rolls around, he will be 36 going on 37 years old. Evans himself seems to be realistic about his future:

‘I am not sure I will be racing after 2014 because it is still a long way off,” he said. ”At this point, I am focused on a good 2013 Tour. Afterwards, let’s see what happens.’

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