It has been a big couple of days for news on a possible confession by Lance Armstrong.

The story first broke on the weekend when the New York Times reported rumours that Armstrong was considering publicly confessing to doping. His lawyer, Tim Herman, did little to calm the speculation, telling reporters that he’d ‘let Lance speak for himself’ about any possible public confession.

Next came suggestions that Armstrong had met with the Chief Executive of US Anti-Doping Agency, Travis Tygart, and World Anti-Doping Agency Director General, David Howman. At the time, both Agencies refused to comment on the reports.

Finally, this morning, Oprah announced that she would conduct a ‘no-hold-barred’ interview of Armstrong on 17 January.

As international interest intensifies in the interview, media reports are now confirming the initial rumours that Armstrong did indeed meet with Tygart in early to mid-December.

A source has told USA Today that ‘[Armstrong and his advisers] were kind of beating around the bush trying to get the temperature of the situation. They were very general discussions.’

What’s not clear is if Armstrong and Tygart had a follow-up meeting, or if a specific deal was hashed out. For now, Armstrong, USADA and WADA are not saying anything. But with one source coming forward already, the question is how many others will follow suit between now and Armstrong’s TV date with Oprah on 17 January.

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