Credit: Team Saxo Tinkoff

Credit: Team Saxo Tinkoff

Alberto Contador (Saxo-Tinkoff Bank) has told press ahead of the Tour de San Luis that his race program for 2013 may include both the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France.

But more than just a matter of scheduling, when asked about whether Contador would race both to win them, he replied: ‘That’s the most possible option because the Giro isn’t as difficult as it has been for the last few years. It’s possible to do the Giro and then go the Tour and try and win both.’

‘I’ve always prepared differently for the Tour when I wanted to win it, but they [the 2013 Giro and Tour] are compatible. We must take into account several factors. The first are the courses. This year’s Giro is less demanding than in 2011, when there were stages of more than 6000 meters uphill. The second is the team. If you have a strong team that doesn’t require your efforts every day it’s easier.’

‘The third is to know that you are going to the Tour from the beginning. In 2011 I didn’t know until fifteen days before, when the team asked me to go, but without a good preparation. I was also influenced by several adverse circumstances, such as the crash that made me lose more than a minute at the very beginning. That forced me to attack in the first week, when normally you take it calmly. Then I had two crashes, one of them really hard on my knee. I almost abandoned, but eventually continued. Without all these adverse factors, I would have been very close.’

Like most cyclists in the pro peloton this week, Contador was also asked for comment on Armstrong’s confession. The pair raced together in the 2009 Tour de France and there was constant reports that the two had a difficult relationship.

‘People have already talked a lot about that interview, but nobody was surprised with what he said,’ he said. ‘It’s hard for the image of cycling, but I look at what can be good about it.  Maybe we can close this chapter of that decade and focus on the present and the future of this beautiful sport.

After the Tour de San Luis, Contador will do the Tour of Oman, Tirreno Adriatico, the Criterium International and the Vuelta al Pais Vasco.

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