How To Create A Text Animation With Psychedelic Style In After Effects?

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Learn how to create a text animation with psychedelic style After Effects offer better aesthetics and impact on the compositions with the program. Moreover, it is very useful for music videos.

It is true, the software is one of the most complex, but also stands out as a professional tool used to design animated graphics materials. Moreover, it brings a lot of tools and effects to make extraordinary works as neon.

Knowledge of its attributes and characteristics allows results to be much cleaner and comfortable when working. For this reason, knows all the steps and requirements of this article.

Step by Step Guide to create a text animation with psychedelic style in After Effects

At the same as other programs of how to create a text animation in After Effects psychedelic must perform the following steps:

Create a new composition

When you refer to a new composition is identified as creating a new worksheet . The new composition can be edition animation or video.

This is built according to the dimensions or the ideal size for display or playback. It is essential that all jobs have the same specifications, because social or television networks has different measures.

Make text

Once in the work area, the user must find the “Text” Cintillo top of the screen in the platform. After the action, you must click on the page and type the word or phrase.

While the text is straighter and the effects can be better alignment proceed. The option is in the Windows section and select ” align” It must be horizontally and vertically.

text Ae

Therefore, demand precompose text layer for all purposes. Pressing Ctrl + C + Shit , a pop-up and a new composition is created.

In addition to the psychedelic effect for text, After Effects brings you the option to put text in 3D.

Applying Effects

Before applying the first effect, proceed to click the right mouse button, right above the button “ Settings Settings “. A window immediately placing the height and width.

To put the first effect will be necessary to follow the following path: Effect & gt; Canal & gt; Shit Channe l. Then, the same command to remove the green and red and put “ Full Out “.

The second is to follow the following path: Effect & gt; CC RÉPIT style . You will also get the chassis number of the box 12 and apply or squifren effect. This will display a list of values ​​on the left side, where the values ​​of expand down will increase to 147 and 155 Develop Up.

Then, in the context you need to go a second to create a new squifren and expand again expand down to 210 and expand to 335. After advancing two tables on the process repeats again .

The third effect is in the same section, that what is called CC Radial Blur fast and include the Turbulent. Its usefulness is based on distortions or waves you can see in the text.

psychedelia ae

In this table of specifications, size will be reduced to 10, the number 80 and complexity to 4. As for evolution, it will be necessary to press the Alt on the keyboard and press it to the frame, it displays a box, placed there time x 100.

Finally, to create a text animation with psychedelic style in After Effects include the fifth effect called Blout. Its usefulness is finished Warp Text Circles . The ideal is to play with the size of the radius, place your dimensions of the same size as the font and reduce the height Blouge -1.5.

Repeat layers

To create the effect animated , you must copy the text several times with all the effects and irlas adapted as part move. It is very important to do this step to avoid damage to the work.

One of the most important features and elements of the After Effects tools are created cartoons and or drawings or animated picture realistic images in 2D or 3D.


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