How To Put 3d Text Behind Moving Objects In After Effects?

Wondering How to 3D text behind moving objects in After Effects? We recommend that you then read the following guide we will talk in detail about what is the process to do so.

Can I put text behind people or moving objects?

After Effects is very powerful and will allow us to perform countless editions, even professionally. Therefore, put 3D text behind moving objects is something that can be done relatively easily.

This procedure, like manufacture logos, text and 3D animations might seem a bit complicated for novice users. in any case, the text put behind people or objects in motion is a basic process that anyone wishing to learn about After Effects should know. For this reason, the following guide will show you how to perform this task with the After Effects application.

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How to 3D text behind moving objects in After Effects?

The process to text behind a person with the program After Effects is difficult. Similarly, you can also make a 3D text effect in Photoshop . In all cases, it is necessary to follow a series of steps to be well structured properly. We have prepared the following tutorial:


  1. Once you’re inside the program after the impact, the first thing to do is drag the video you think change in space for a new composition.
  2. The first step is generating a mask to select the object correctly on the moving object is very important. After doing this, you must press the “M”.
  3. key

  4. Repeat the above procedure in motion a few tables and performs this action until the end of the video. After doing this, After Effects should continue if the appropriate object to move.
  5. A’re rather satisfied with the end result, you must go to the brand generated above and change the “Subtract”. Perform this action will eliminate the moving object in the scene, something that need to add text later.
  6. You must redial the layer, and to press the Ctrl + Shift + C . After this process gives a name to the layer as it could be “video”.

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  1. On the right side of the screen, select the “Tracker” panel, then click “Camera Track”. Options control the effect, make – you enable the option “Detailed Analysis”.
  2. Once this process points – above will be generated to track, scroll to the bit where you want to put the text and select the point you want, press right click and select the option ” Create null and camera. ”
  3. The Null and Camera
  4. Project display, and you can delete the previously created video, but try to drag the original video back to the project.
  5. It’s time to create the text, open the text tool and write what you want in the video, remember clicking on the for 3D and change position you want.
  6. Go to Null created and press the “P” position copy of the property by pressing Ctrl + C and paste in the text that you created earlier. So you already have the text in the final position.
  7. Press Ctrl-D to duplicate the video and place it on top of everything. Now you need to create a mask on the subject, particularly on the area through which pass the text. This process must be repeated every few tables, realizing follow the object.

By performing the steps above, you should have a 3D text perfectly positioned in the image Adobe After Effects. If you do not come at first, do not worry, because the control of the After Effects program must be persistent. Also, if you prefer another tool you can choose to add 3D text Shortcut. Either option you choose will be very useful.

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