How To Create A Box Of Transparent Or Solid Text In After Effects?

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Learn how to create transparent text box or solid in After Effects vital for designers who work with video ads or films. As one of the best formats available, but for this kind of work is also useful 3D letters effect.

The box is the perfect item to add text to a composition in parallel if you have a multi-colored background. In fact, more attractive is the background, the better will be the effect on the screen.

Although perform a series of fairly simple steps is required, it’s just a matter of paying attention to practice and go slowly. After Effects can also work with transition effects and add effects such as Glitch  .

What is a box?

Text boxes are classified as a value that allows the inclusion of animated titles, credit titles or lower thirds. Its main attribute is provide greater dynamism to the video .

In spite be adapted during the design can change their appearance, font, style, size or font color. Furthermore, its nature can be animated or applied 3D formats .

Their coats are synthetic, meaning they do not require special materials or an external file to create a transparent text box or solid in After Effects. In fact, they are vector layers.

Step by Step Guide to create transparent text box or solid After Effects

It is very important to keep in mind that it is a support for the creation and design of the video, so its step includes frames and other items. To create a transparent text box or solid in After Effects, you must do the following:

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  • The first thing you will do is open the program, open and adjust the overall dimensions of the material. It is very important that its dimensions are in line with all the elements on stage.
  • Proceed to locate the “Text” housed in the second Cintillo the upper part of the program, right into the toolbar. Type the word or phrase.   work
  • Now, the effects of applying the text layer to fit a text box. The first is to follow the path: “ Effect & gt; Canal & gt; Inverter “. With this, they immediately put white letters.
  • Once generated this action, the user changes the RGB color of the layer by the ” alfa” in the internal control panel.
  • The second effect is to make transparent letters, for this follow the following path: “ Effect & gt; Canal & gt; Minimax “. This option must be first on the list.
  • While the third and correct some modify colors, your route is to press the “ Color Correction Effect button & gt; Tint “. This option is a bit high, but it is good to do.

Can I change the size or appearance of the high letters not?

The answer is yes, users change the nature of the effect at any time construction . Is only necessary to maintain good layer selected and make the appropriate changes.

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If you want to reduce or increase the effect strip background , the ideal is to play with the radius of the effect of Minimax. Although the color or transparency can be defined toolbar hosted on the right side of the screen.

When creating a transparent text box or solid in After Effects, the ideal is to have defined the phrase or word you want to use . Because of changes in this aspect tend to distort the final work.

A recommendation designers working with many values ​​is that the text is on file so it does not interfere with other elements, it has many effects to texts such as to add textures. However, a side table.

Once you have the elements of your video located can start working with the speed of your video either slow down or increase the speed.

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