¿Amazon Flex Franchise Transport Or Works Directly For Amazon?

 flex subsidiary Amazon Amazon

You’ve probably heard of Amazon Flex You want to know more details, to see if you can take? Today we’ll show you if Amazon Flex is a transport franchise or works directly for Amazon.

Amazon Flex Franchise Direct transport or working for Amazon?

What you should know about Amazon

Amazon   E-commerce is the most recognized of the company internationally. Since its creation in the United – States by Jeff Bezos in 1994, was launched to sell books, gradually diversifying into the distribution of other products.

Since then, it has evolved through the power of the Internet, more and more rapid and consolidation at a rate dizzying market.

Amazon Services

Now the company has become a famous international company, he focused on the acquisition of customer trust and Innovation technologically. With a breathtaking view of the future, Amazon honors its name, which refers to the largest river in the world.

It is transcendental and includes services like Amazon AWS, Amazon Kindle, Amazon’s Alexa, Amazon GB, as well as other technological revolutions such as Amazon Prime.

And for a while, founder of the Amazon in another of his great ideas of expansion, gives and the employment opportunities nbsp; where you can be your own boss , income and benefits, such as messaging services.

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Amazon Messaging Services

 amazon distribution packages worldwide

Amazon, with the idea of ​​independence delivery services commands that had always creates a self-employment program under the franchise that end, resulting in the area of ​​ deductible transportation . Amazon then creates innovative Flex as a courier.

Is Amazon deductible transportation Flex?

Amazon Flex is an application created by Amazon, where the delivery service Delivery at home is monitored. Those who work for the program to follow some simple steps.

They go to the search time blocks application to distribute circumscribe a place to facilitate delivery, search products at one time, the scanned and check with your code and go to move them.

However, Amazon Flex is not a transport franchise, but works directly on Amazon. However, since many similarities with the franchises that Amazon should also be autonomous, we aclararte some ways, and show some of their differences.

Transportation Franchise Amazon

  • To access this type of franchise you are investing in a capital of at least $ 10,000 you have your own business , in addition to other requirements.
  • The aim is to form a team to manage a fleet of trucks given, be responsible in turn to distribute products from Amazon and Amazon Premium .
  • When buying a franchise transport network are training for staff must wear uniforms by dispatchers.
  • Corporate trucks must also be identified with the brand, while with Amazon Flex are not those protocols necessary.

Amazon Flex

  • If you decide to work for Amazon Flex must simply enter your site flex.amazon.com, register and wait for an acceptance message. Then you need to download the application Amazon Flex.
  • must also meet other requirements; Amazon Flex Spain for example, you need to register as self in < strong> tax Agency and General Treasury social security , and meet other documents.
  • should also have an average vehicle or large 4-door, which may be owned or leased.
  • Another aspect is that you work directly with your own uptime, according to the modality of delivery.

 Pick up Amazon receive package flex

  • The company asks you to work at least one block of two hours per day , and the week up to a limit of 24 hours.
  • should wear uniforms and do not need to staff your office, in fact, the company does not allow you to have companions during the hours you want and packages repartas.

We know that Independent is priceless. But whatever decision you choose, our message to whether Amazon Flex is a transport franchise or works directly for Amazon, before undertaking take into account the costs and benefits involved.

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