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One of the best things we can do in the internet, is to explore online stores; On the web, we find different alternatives of places and spaces that are dedicated to selling and purchase almost anything.

Devices for articles to be studied in the web of shopping are endless, which is one of the favorite websites for buying and selling worldwide.

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However, there is a special place where you can buy everything and the best we found in one place; We speak of course so famous Amazon. This site brings together hundreds of suppliers in one place, so you can move between your pages and find the gift or home accessory that both makes you lack or need.

However, due to high demand web portal, Amazon has continued to explore how best to improve their logistics and attention to the client .

Therefore, it has very specifically designated locations in , assistance number and very special forums to clarify the doubts that users have about the deals are made through Amazon Flex .

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What Amazon Flex?

When a company has a large amount of distributions, ideally in all cases is to start with a strategy of shipments and receipts of these charges, which give users security and speed .

However, there are not many transport companies, which provide the company achieve; Therefore, one of the way the company Jeff Bezos, seeking to solve this problem, it was created its own network of contractors working for the company, but independently.

With them comes the idea of ​​a program name Flex who sought to take up new tools for consumers and future workers. With which the company has its own means with which Collect Distribution and also provide different levels that are running. Since then the company has been both positive and negative the needs of ‘user.

How can I access the customer service?

The first thing to know is that to shop, the company sends you a email confirmation of the same, which, in addition to data and basic information your orders, an email is attached, in which you can make any type of consultation and contact support.

Email is the [email protected], is important to know that this is the main channel of communication with technical support, however, you need to check email and buy this they send you here attached some links where you can access a special FAQ forum that will be very useful.

In addition, your first contact with the support , as usual, is that they react with some predefined answers, which is implemented to give more flexibility to the procedures should be a common problem with dates or delivery path.

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We leave here some of the most common problems that can occur and who to contact tech support to find a quick solution:

  • Although in this service you wondering, complaints about the service, shipping or products are intended for other email , however, it is possible that the person who answers to you, take note of this bring to the correct service.
  • «packets received» is one of the most common problems and better communication in this way; If this is your problem does not waste time and send your mail soon.
  • any claim on the packaging or the way it was sent package also managed by this email. Also, if the package arrived in poor condition, you need to take pictures and attach them so that canvas.

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