Where Discharges Made With Amazon Prime Music Saved? Download Pc And Mobile Music


Where downloads made with Amazon Prime Music? are saved will answer that question and help you locate your music files on both PC and mobile. Many users have encountered the dilemma that the search for downloaded music on your computer, do not get it. And it’s frustrating. Then we’ll show you by.

music downloads amazon prime on mobile

On an Android, usually, the music is stored in a folder named «Music» is created default internal storage of the cell. O may be in an external storage like a memory card. But when it comes to streaming applications oriented music, they are stored in folder paths predetermined by the app. For example, Spotify, Amazon or Apple Music Prime Music (Android/data/»path amazon music»).

And when we access those routes are informational only. Because we have encrypted or hidden files. And an odyssey to find what is downloaded. There are apps have the option to select the download location of the song. However, if this does not happen, we explain to do to find our music files.

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Access music on an Android device

It is really simple. To do this we’re going to be worth to connect our PC to cell to have easy navigation through folders. Use a cable that is compatible. In this way you can access a file browser. We provide not only find the songs, but create folders for your downloads.

In previous paragraphs we commented that the music is stored in a file called «Music» as in Android. However, we can not look Iphone files on specific routes. This is because the system is quite closed, airtight, for user protection and copyright. In these cases, you end up depending on iTunes or services music as Amazon Prime Streaming Music .

It should be noted that in both operating systems (Android – iPhone) , Amazon Prime Music also has a library called Amazon Cloud Player. So, whatever music you choose will be saved automatically on it. From there it is downloaded or transmitted from any computer or web browser. The same applies to purchases of music.

One of the many advantages we can take advantage of is that downloading music to your library in the Cloud your team can play when you’re offline (offline). In addition to songs are added to the library in the Cloud for free.

 shows cloud cloud amazon prime music player that stores songs

Download on amazon prime music on the computer

In the Amazon website steps we explained in brief, so simple «> location where you saved. These indications are valid if you drive Windows or Mac.

  • While in the program Amazon Prime Music , choose « My Music,» press» songs» and then «bought». You will visualize the songs you have.
  • Click the download icon located to the side of the song or album.

  • Downloaded music is automatically stored on your computer in the default folder of the program, namely «Amazon Music» . In Windows, the file would be «My Music». If it’s a Mac, the file is saved in «Music».

If you plan on unsubscribe from this service streaming music , we will give an extra tip to keep in mind. Before doing so, use this tool Amazon Music Converter . With this program, will help save hassle songs as local files on your computer. Failure to do so, and cancel your subscription, all music and playlists you’ve added or downloaded to the Amazon Prime Music will not be available for playback.

As can be noted, depending on the environment in which you work the operating system, has small variations in terms of storing files. With this information, you have no idea where downloads made with Amazon Prime Music are saved. And have the ability to locate your songs.

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