What Can View Movies And Video On Amazon Prime?

 Using Video Amazon Prime movies and series

The television series we love, and there are few who want to see a good movie in the comfort of your living room. They use devices that can play media content platforms like Amazon Prime Video, but what movies and TV shows can see Amazon Prime Video? You’re in the right place to find out.

What Movies and Series I see on Amazon Prime Video

What is Amazon Prime Video?

It is a service that provides video files (especially series and movies) by issuing continuous data using internet, better known as streaming. This mode allows you to enjoy the video while downloading, so the internet should have a good download speed , you can measured with a test speed wifi , to appreciate without interruption.

To access the catalog of Amazon Prime Video, the first thing you should do is hire or subscribe to the service on the website of the company Amazon.com, using credit card or account PayPal . In doing so you will have a username and password with which you can install Amazon Prime Video on your Smart TV and other devices.

 movies and Amazon Prime Video

The operation of this service is similar to Netflix and HBO Go, which also offer content and online videos. Amazon Prime Video offers you entertainment available based on original productions and other producers. What movies and series can be found here? Tomas note below what you say.

What movies and I can see Amazon Prime Video?

There is a lot of content to choose see the repertory you have available Amazon Prime Video, which I will mention briefly classified into series and movies. In some cases we will give a short review of a few programs mentioned.

Category Series I can see Amazon Prime Video

Among the available series to see are those dedicated to the public child and adult , with genres ranging from comedy to science fiction, suspense through. Note that also can change the language to Spanish to see your series and movies more comfortably.

  • Series for Children: hilarious cartoons to enjoy the little family, among which we highlight three original Amazon: Bug Diaries, Creative Galaxy and Costume Quest.
  • There are also other producers, such as Pepa Pig or Caillou and even an anime like Banana Fish (which is a US soldier who goes mad and is just mouthing words). Classification is by age.
  • Series for Adults: In Amazon Prime Video have at your disposal a wide range of series for everyone. You have the comic as: Fleabag (which is about a woman with bad character goes through a emotional crisis after losing her best friend)
  • .

  • The wonderful lady Maisel (a married woman with a child who begins to be humorist after her husband is unfaithful) and the well-known American The Office, with actor Steve Carrel.
  • Are the scary series such as The Terror and The Purge (based on the films of the same name). There are also science fiction original and aliens such as: The Expanse, Electric Dreams, Defiance and popular The Boys (superhero very different than usual)

Category Movies can see Amazon Prime Video

Among the films available there for all tastes with varied genres to choose from such as:

 Content for Amazon Prime Video

  • action genre: ‘s cut superhero as the famous Ironman (who does not know Tony Stark), Lara Croft Tomb Raider (with Angelina Jolie ) and The Men of Steel or Superman. spy movies as Spy Game, The Bourne Legacy and Mission Impossible saga
  • .

  • Sci-Fi . Minority Report (with Tom Cruise), Dreed (sequel to the Judge), Kong Skull Island and the famous Inception (with actor Leonardo Dicaprio) Are adventure like Indiana Jones, the Mummy, GI Joe and Toy Story. 4 saga
  • Genre Thriller: Acclaimed not breathe (the three young people trying to rob a blind man), Tiburon, Suspiria classic (a school of mysterious dance), The Orphanage, the Cube and the latest Middsommar (pure fright full light of day)
  • Genre Classical: Dune, Brazil, Waterworld, the saga Back to the Future and many more for you
  • .

These are just some of the content that Amazon Prime Video has to offer. Do not wait, and download this amazing platform for PC, mobile and Smart TV.

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