Reactivating my Amazon Prime subscription easily

The way in which the human being entertains has changed a lot with the Over the years , and depending on the entertainment you have a day can be boring or not.

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How to Reactivate my subscription to Amazon Prime Easily

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Of course, having more free time than usual looking leaves empty spaces to be filled with some real quality. Maybe some’ve ever used the option that has Amazon to do less routine day, yes, we talk about Amazon Prime. In case you do not know what we recommend you learn about what it is and how it works or I can see Amazon Prime Video

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If sometimes told with an account here, but I want her back Learn how you can reactivate your Amazon Prime subscription is simple steps.

What is Amazon Prime?

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Amazon Prime Video or just Amazon Prime is a service provided by the US company Amazon was founded on September 7, 2006 for the entertainment of users . In simple words this that allows viewing of content, whether movies or series as a streaming style, so that you can view and install Amazon Prime Video on Smart TV .

This service offers a varied amount of securities are included in the accounts of users without making an increase in the price is canceled, either monthly or yearly.

Part of what this is entirely covers Amazon Studios content, but it is still possible to enjoy content with the necessary licenses within the platform.

Of course, compared to platforms like Netflix the content offered is low, which limits the user experience. This will be more emphasis on those who are outside the territory of the United States.

Something good that has this platform it is the range that has achieved as they are more than 200 countries and territories where you can have an account Amazon Prime or Prime Video.

Having an Amazon Prime subscription will give you access for free to the service live coverage of Prime Twitch as a complementary part of it.

If all these benefits do not convince you still have to know that as with the   HBO and Netflix is ​​possible to have a trial period in order to be able to decide with more certainty whether desired or not a subscription service, but Where and how can I hire Amazon Prime Video?

And if you’re a student Amazon Prime will give you a excellent promotion , since a discount of% 50 for those users with an educational email until they are culminating their studies or have available after a period of four years.

How to reactivate my Amazon Prime subscription easily?

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Maybe for some circumstances I have not been able to continue paying for the subscription of Amazon Prime, and is not being paid by any means has been canceled so to speak.

The revival of the Amazon Prime subscription is a process that at first glance seems a little tedious, but the truth is very easy to do.

Step 1

The first thing to do is access the official site Prime Video on the main screen where you can easily find the option to «Try it.»

Step 2

This option will take you to a form with the title of «Confirm your data» where here the place where you can make the necessary changes required parameters.

The information provided in this will include a description of the package, email, payment method and billing address.

So if you plan to change the way in which payments efectuaste once your account is the right time to do it because basically this option depends on reactivating your subscription. Completed the necessary modifications to click on the «Subscribe and pay».

Step 3

immediately be directed to the main site screen all content platform. In the upper right corner locates the user button and click it, you’ll see a drop down menu where you will select the option to «Account & Settings» .

Step 4

Only then you will have to place the username and password to login. Once you enter the required information find a menu where you will see more effectively as it has been reactivated your account Amazon Prime. If you want to view information regarding your subscription only must click on «Amazon Edit» and better observe the details.

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