How To Create An Account And Log In To Aws - Amazon Web Services Login

how to create an account and log in to aws amazon web services login
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The technology is advancing with hasty steps and for this reason, individuals and business users have access to different services for managing information such as Amazon Web Services. In this regard, we recommend reading this article where you will learn How to create an account and log in to AWS -. Amazon Web Services login

How to Create a account and log in AWS - Amazon web Services Login

AWS: The cloud computing

or AWS Amazon Web Services is a platform that provides IT infrastructure to businesses anywhere in the world. A respect, the users can store information on servers, use mobile applications, databases and other services.

What users can do with AWS?

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With Amazon Web Services, users can have their own IT infrastructure quickly and at a low price. In addition, it is possible to process data safely, quick access to data via handlers database systems effective data and other services that reduce the workload in the business.

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It is important to note the ease of access to information guaranteed AWS. In this way, users can manage, audit and control all your data beyond how it works Amazon Drive . In this regard, Amazon ensures governance and visibility of data belonging to the company.

How to create an account and log in to AWS - Amazon Web Services login

To create an account and log into AMS or Amazon Web Services, it is necessary to have a stable internet connection and follow a series of steps that we explain below.

Access the website WBS- Amazon Web Services

First, you must access the website Amazon Web Servicies company that created the Amazon. Once you enter this page, it is essential to complete a registration process . Amazon provides the right to opt for a free account for a period of 12 months.

Therefore, users can get the services and products free of charge limited basis until the free trial period is complete. To register your account, you must enter an email address and a password. You also need a name to identify the account which can be changed after it is signed.

Log in AWS - Amazon Web Services

Once you have completed the registration of your AWS account, you can log on to Amazon Web Services from the link you will find in the official website AWS. This process is similar to log on to Amazon , although in this case there are two options access AWS account . as root user or IAM

What you are the root user?

The root user is a person who has an AWS account and you can do unlimited tasks . The first time you register a user has this rating "root user" which can be modified to the access configuration functions of the platform.

What you are IAM user?

The user IAM is an identity that is created from the AWS platform. This enables daily management tasks and interact with the system of Amazon Web Services. All users IAM must have a name, a password and two keys to access the account .

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There are also IAM groups corresponding to a set of IAM users. It is also possible to assign certain roles IAM through which users can perform certain tasks but are limited other operations.

Important Information You Should Know

Every time you go to sign must enter email of the root user to identify and allow access to Amazon Web Services.

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