How To Remove Or Cancel An Account Amazon Prime? -Step By Step Guide

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Welcome! If you take time being Amazon Prime user but have decided you want to change platform, then you’ve come to the right post.

Although that Amazon Prime, offers a lot of advantages, it is common that after a few months the users decide cancel your subscription to pass it and look for other alternatives that fit your needs. It is why in this post have prepared a little guide to show How to cancel an Amazon Prime account .

How to Delete or Cancel Account Amazon Prime? -Step by Step Guide

Steps to remove an account Amazon Prime

Here in this section we’ll talk again in detail about the entire process must be performed to delete an Amazon Prime account in a few minutes. I simply invite you to read the steps carefully.

  • The first thing you have to do is enter the official website Amazon from a web browser may be Mozilla or Google Chrome.
  • Then log in to your Amazon account in Spanish and then click on the “Account and lists” option. Once you have done a small menu where you have to click on the “ Amazon Prime subscription option ” will be displayed
  • Next, look out on the left side of the screen to select the option “I want to end my subscription.” Thus you will begin the necessary process to give Amazon Prime.
  • Now, Amazon will show you all the benefits of which you would be saying goodbye. But you just have to click the “ Finish my advantages
  • Then you spend the second stage. Here, Amazon will offer to change plans only pay a fixed amount to the end of the month. Again you select the option “Terminate my subscription” which is just below the banner.
  • Now, in this third stage you have to click the option that says “ Finish and give up my benefits “. This way you will have confirmed the cancellation of the monthly renewal of your subscription to Amazon Prime. That is, that next month and will not enjoy the benefits of an Amazon Prime account.

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  • Finally, you can enable an option to receive a message 72 hours before your next payment. This form will decide until the last minute if you want to remain part of the Amazon community.

Benefits you lose when you see low in Amazon Prime

If you’re thinking unsubscribe from Amazon Prime but still you’re not completely sure, then we recommend that you do not take hasty decisions. Later you talk about all the benefits that you lose when unsubscribe from Amazon Prime to perhaps reconsider your decision.

  • Undoubtedly one of the juiciest advantages offered by Amazon Prime, you have purchases securely , and free shipping in one day, in a lot of selected products. There is also the free shipping option but it takes two to three days, which is not bad.
  • also lose access to Amazon Prime Video, which is the streaming service to watch shows and movies . This is a great alternative that offers high quality productions.
  • You lose the tools and services that Amazon offers buyers and sellers.
  • On the other hand also you can enjoy Amazon Prime Music , which although more limited than Amazon Music Unlimited is a good alternative to Spotify so you can enjoy your favorite songs.
  • If you enjoy reading much, then we have bad news for you, since your subscription canceling Amazon Prime automatically lose access to Prime Reading. With this service you can enjoy thousands of eBooks for Kindle without paying an additional fee.
  • Another benefit is that you will lose access to Twitch Prime therefore not be able to get the free games that are given away each month for this platform.
  • last but not least for Amazon Prime provides access us Amazon Photos , which you can store a lot of photos and videos in the cloud without limitation.

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We’ve already done for the day! If you have served the information you post, please remember to share it with your family and friends through social networks and See you in the next installment!

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