Versions Of The Kindle Ereader Amazon How Many There Are To Date? Price List?

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To begin, you should know that the Kindle eReader Amazon is a digital book reader created by Amazon. It is a portable device designed in order to simplify the reader storage, buying and reading books.

It is a simple way to read wherever you find a comfortable and efficient manner. But as time has passed there have been many changes in the Kindle eReader from Amazon, so let their chronological evolution, the different options and prices of each. Always remember software update Amazon Kindle eReader.

Versions of the Amazon Kindle eReader How many there to date? Ready Price?

All Amazon Kindle eReader available so far

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Understanding what it is, what it does and how it works Amazon Kindle , you know that since 2007 has been developing eReader Amazon Kindle, as the time elapses are many improvements have been made on that device.

Create an account on Amazon to sell or buy , it is the simplest. However, this platform goes far beyond that with its innovative products and services.

To date there are 12 existing versions of the Kindle eReader Amazon among the best known are:


This first version is released on 19 November 2007, this Kindle caused a great stir and demand was surprising for at the least four months consecutively.

The Kindle has 250 MB of memory and also has a SD reader. A being the first to market working with Sprint 3G network, so users could buy books online.

Person reading on Amazon Kindle

Kindle 2

For the year 2009 on February 10 launches into the market an improved version called Kindle 2. Best Las performed are very notarias, in terms of memory, far outstrips the first version because this features 2 GB of capacity.

This version of the SD reader was removed, but it still caused a furor in the world being the first eReader to be marketed internationally.

Kindle DX

In the same year 2009 a new version is released, this version has a 7-inch screen, is also designed to support the PDF format. This, so far, has been Amazon Kindle eReader bigger.

Improvements continue in the following versions

From 2009 improvements in Amazon Kindle eReader were increasing, and consequently the demand was greater every day. Among the latest versions with greater demand we are:

Kindle Keyboard

In 2010 launches this new version, which has the great variation that incorporates WiFi and is also the first and only eReader Kindle from Amazon with full QWERTY keyboard.

Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch

The launch of these takes place in 2011, it is the fourth generation of the family of Kindle. The best thing about this version is that a basic browser that can be used only incorporates with a WiFi connection.

Amazon Kindle version 4

Kindle Oasis second generation

This is the device most recently, which is released to the market in 2017. The ability of this model outperforms the others by far are two versions one offering 8 GB while the other provides up to 32 GB.

In addition, this version has water resistance, which has none of the above. So far, is the best of all eReader Amazon Kindle.

The list price of the various Amazon Kindle eReader

Now we met back some of the 12 versions that can be found on the Amazon Kindle eReader is time to talk about prices:

  • Kindle: 364.69 euros
  • .

  • Kindle 2: 328 euros
  • .

  • Kindle DX: 446.95 euros
  • .

  • Kindle Keyboard: 172.75 euros
  • .

  • Kindle 4: 72 euros version with ads and 63 euros the version without ads
  • .

  • Kindle Touch: version 127 euros and 75 euros with WiFi Touch 3G version
  • .

  • Kindle Paperwhite: version 127 euros and 191 euros with WiFi version without ads
  • .

  • Kindle 7: 91 euros
  • Kindle Voyage: 200 euros version without ads and with WiFi. 265 euros version with WiFi, 3G and no ads.
  • Kindle Oasis: 283 euros WiFi version without ads. 347 euros with WiFi and 3G version repowered.
  • Kindle 8: 91 euros without ads
  • .

  • Kindle oasis second generation: 246 euros version with WiFi and 8 GB capacity. 319 euros the version with WiFi, 3G and 32GB of capacity.

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