What Are The Best Apps For Android Yoga To Lose Weight?

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If you are a person who wants to start relax, feel better about yourself , be in harmony and feel healthier and stronger body, plantearte could start lessons yoga.

The Yoga brings multiple benefits for the body . Among them we are: Improves blood circulation, reduces stress, tones the body, improves flexibility, reduces muscle aches, back and neck.

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It is always good to take the first step to start practicing this beneficial discipline. If on the contrary are a person who already practiced but has stopped attending classes for various reasons, either do not have time, you should attend to your children or quarantine it, do not worry.

All persons who wish can practice yoga from the comfort of your home . All they need is a mobile device, download any applications to make mention yoga and much desire.

Applications and yoga classes for Android

A variety of apply tions mobile to see yoga classes, in its various forms, from ashtanga yoga, vinyasa yoga or hot.

Best of all is that they are free and do not require experience to conduct classes.

Daily Yoga

It is a remarkable application if you plan started in the discipline as it is very comprehensive and provides a large number of positions with different types of exercises categorized by complexity.

Account also with daily classes and different durations , so that you who organize the time you devote to classes.

The negative factor of this application is that although it is free to enjoy all the benefits will have to pay.

Daily Yoga

This app is available for both Android devices , and iPhone. It is free and has more than 65 yoga sessions classified in different programs ranging from relaxation to fat loss.

It has different levels sessions are explained through a very high quality video and the app is in Spanish.


Another totally free and very professional application that features 300 different positions, 37 programs categorized by difficulty and breathing exercises, everything has a sample video in excellent quality.

 Person doing yoga

This application is the most complete and used in the world. currently has more than 7,000,000 users; However, after overcoming the first four programs will have to pay to enjoy the benefits that it offers.

Yoga postures and classes

A great choice to start. Besides being free, has 111 different positions explained video, with the benefits of the postur and different ways of doing it.

It has a timed exercise program, objectives or levels and offers classes of 10 to 30 minutes so you can choose what suits you as long as you have. This application is available on Android and Iphone.

Yoga at home

Another totally free app that has a great program for exercise. Here you can also get videos explaining how to perform the postures

The big advantage that has this app is that it has the ability to create your own routines, so you lets you decide the routine to perform. It is the best options to download if you do not want to spend a penny.

Applications slimming

If somehow all you want is to lose weight and feel that yoga exercises do not you are getting the results you want in the specified time, here we leave good options to lose weight quickly.

Lose It!

A prácitca and effective implementation. Includes a weight loss program to change your routine and get the desired results.

It has a tool for tracking calories consumed and a section with the properties of food, so you know what to eat to lose weight.


It is an application that works like assistant and personal trainer . I suggest eating habits and healthy life, it has a calorie meter and weekly challenges.


We provides a set of tools for weight loss. Has calorie calculator planner diet and healthy recipes list.

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