How To Erase The Background Of A Picture Or Photo In Android? Fast And Easy

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Taking pictures with the phone most of the time generally be a while. So usually something not end in the photo. There are many applications that are responsible for helping the user to improve many aspects of an image . If you want to know what are the best applications to erase the background of an image in Android, be sure to read this article.

In addition to removing the background to a photo or image, you can also put tattoos draw attention to your photos with the Cam tattoo application.

Applications to erase the background of an image in Android

Before this action could mean a lot of work, money and time spent. Nowadays, and appropriate applications, it’s as easy as select the shape and ready . And, believe it or not, are very necessary and useful. In erasing the back – plane of an image in Android, can mounts to choose another back – up, crop numbers or insert a person at the time the photo was lost.

To perform these simple adjustments, you no longer need to hand a complex editor like Photoshop or Gimp. Even most of these applications are free and come with a selection of useful tools for further editing. It’s time to update your phone and delete the background of an image in Android.

As you can edit photos from your mobile phone, you can do it from your PC, I even programs such as CorelDraw can also remove the back – plane to an image.

Background Rubber Rubber or background

one of the favorite and most recommended you can get in the Play Store due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It will remove the background or anything else that does not want back or transparent PNG image. So, if you want, you can add another background you like most.

eraser on the back of application - level

It has four cuts modes and a control device located on the lower part of the screen that can be control the cutting edges. This allows a better finish to download this application only must be greater Android version 4.0 .

To get an idea of ​​how you can use this application to erase the background of an image in Android. Once downloaded, select the photo you want to edit. After that, the first tool that is trimming.

This is to remove as much as possible the background and much easier to erase the background once you pass the following tools. Choose what you want so use ” automatic” or “Manual” in the bar located below the photo.

” automatic”, works via a slider that progressively selects parts of the background to be removed. This is based on this, the software looks similar pixels selected and erased. A recommendation when using this mode is that the fund has quite clearly and be as uniform as possible.

If you use the “Manual”, using the same cursor will highlight a colored border around the figure you want to go. Its accuracy depends largely on the user and pulse, but with a little practice can get better insurance.

 bright background application

Also, if you make a mistake, you can use the last main tool “Repair” , passing over the part you want to get back to this space. Once cut your image press “Done” to adjust the strength of the cutting edges and save your picture in the gallery.

To take a photo with a professional finish not only do you need a good editor, also need to take a good picture, and many believe it is impossible to your Android phone if you follow these tips.

Among other requests to remove funds, you can get in the Play Store are base and Clear Adobe Photo Mix . The latter, because it is like a version of Photoshop is fairly advanced in features that your tool is not bad cuts. You can even work with layers and go cutting and distribution of a background in an image to give an extra touch.

Background Eraser is one of the most used for its simplicity and ease of use, but it can also find many other Google Play applications pursuant to the change the color of the background.

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