How To Customize The Android Navigation Bar With Free Emoticons And Images?

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The latest generation telephony has added buttons within the screen in order to achieve a larger view. There is the possibility of customize Android navigation bar with pictures, emoticons and more to fit your style.

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How to Customize Bar Navigation Android with images, emoticons and more free

If you do not know what the navigation bar it is, is the horizontal line that provides options “Back”, “Home” and “ Applications Recent “.

Today it is possible to correctly customize task manager no apparent difficulty.

Similarly, you can also customize and resize the scroll bar in Windows , so Android would not be left behind.

Normally were distributed a few buttons on the bottom of the devices. But a couple of years became obsolete to expand and optimize the display.

customize it has been automatically enabled on models HTC and LG. However, if you own a different phone to, anyway you will achieve edit .

Customize Android navigation bar with images and smileys Without need to root!

First, you must verify correctly know if your Android phone is rooted. What otherwise, you can go ahead with the process.

Navbar application is dedicated to visually design and set buttons and color changes. Regardless of whether come for default on the screen of Android.

It is characterized by being completely free and downloadable over the Internet. The most positive aspect is the excellent functionality even when the devices are found Rooted for more options as administrator


navigation bar android

To customize the navigation bar Android with images, emoticons and more you start installing the application on your mobile phone.

Configuration Instructions

At the time you decide to start Navbar, it will ask permission to access to information and manipulation that requires your device.

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Once you have the accessibility of the application enabled in your settings, this will allow you to select the custom color to have your navigation bar.

This option is by the name “ Color Static (Static color) ” in which you can choose from a wide range of colors.

If you want the navigation bar acquires the color of the application you use at a given time, the application can achieve this by option “ Active app (active application) “.

Similarly, you can set the color you want to acquire the bar depending on the application that will be used.

On the other hand, also it enables the use of widgets inside the bar, among which is the state of battery and can display the images within it.

Customize features of the navigation bar on rooted devices

For those who have made a root on your device and want to customize the Android navigation bar with images, emoticons and more, have available to them the GravityBox .

Before you start configuring, you must download the APK installer Xposed option to install the option “ Xposed framework ” found within the application.

In the end, download and install the version of GravityBox corresponding to the version of Android that you own .

 android smartphone

At the time you receive a notification application where you said that “module Xposed is not activated” with a button that says “ Activate and Restart ” below.

At the press on this button, try to make the application of GravityBox before restarting the device, so that the back can access the “Settings navigation bar”.

You must activate the option “ Switch Master ” for each of your settings are activated just restart your Android device.

From this point you can start exploring the options offered by the application changes and add new features to your navigation bar.

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Finally, restart the phone for the changes to take effect and thus enjoy the new style that has given to the bar of your screen.

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