Formatting An Android Phone From Pc Easily

formatting android

When you possess a problem with your cell or software on your mobile device, which can not solve. One of the most efficient ways to fix it is to format the OS . In this way, you can restart the firmware your phone and thereby fix just about any problem that comes your way and that it be related to the software.

Formatting a cell Android from PC Easily

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restoring the values ​​of your phone or tablet can repair almost whatever, from the slowness of the system, to the fact that there is a common mistake in it that could affect performance, making it much slower , which will be repaired formatting cell phone.

This is usually taken as one of the simplest solutions because it guarantees you that all back system 0 and so can install all those applications that are presenting a problem for synchronization or update again.

to restore the device to its factory version, you will lose all data hold in it, this includes photos , videos, applications, contacts and settings.

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Formatting a tablet or mobile from PC

Thanks to all the tools you can find on the web, it is possible that you format your phone or your Tablet from the comfort of your PC. This may interest you if the manual method seems slightly complicated. To perform formatting of your phone or tablet from the PC, just follow these steps without skipping any

  1. To begin, you must have the drivers your mobile previously installed in your PC to this so the system can recognize without any problems.
  2. After that, you’ll need to install the ADB and FastBoot inside your computer.
  3. Now, you grab your phone and turn off your phone. After this you must hold down buttons: on and lower the volume, all simultaneously. You must wait until the device starts.
  4. When you started your phone’ll proceed to connect the phone to your computer. For this, you must use the cable USB .
  5. After that, you must run the command window ADB and FastBoot in order to begin the process. For this, you must enter each of the commands you see on the screen , then press enter. You will see that each command is represented in quotes, so within the command will not need to add them to send.
  6. You must start with « fastboot erase cache » This is the command that will remove the cache, all without even format the device.
  7. Once ready this step, you must enter the «fastboot reboot» to start and restart your phone. From this point, you can check whether the problem ailed your phone sore solve. If, however, there is nothing about this, subtract you continue with the following steps.
  8. This step can access a factory reset, and do all this with the command « fastboot erase userdata «.
  9. When the whole process finished, you access the «fastboot reboot» again to restart the device.
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    How to restore Android phone from PC with Universal ADB Helper

    To start all drivers must have your phone Android installed in your computer. When it is installed, you must follow these steps:

    1. Begin by connecting your Android device to your computer using the USB cable.
    2. When you have connected and your PC has recognized the device proceeds to execute the Universal ADB Helper tool.
    3. Inside the screen, you will see that you only have one option which is « reboot » After that, you must press the option « Bootloader «.
    4. There, you will see that you can choose the option that says « Factory Reset via Fastboot «.
    5. If all these commands fail to fill any effect, it is likely that your phone is not recognized by the computer. And this in turn can be caused by a connection problem with the USB cable .

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