How To Spend Or Share Applications Via Bluetooth In Android

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Android applications account for much of the usefulness of computers using the operating system; and it is to imagine that we provide a team with which we can not download apps , would you still would buy the team? The truth is that few users would buy despite this condition.

How to Go or Share Applications for Bluetooth in Android

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That’s why the access to different types of applications that have been created for Android system is paramount for users. And therefore internet access is just as important as it is the most feasible method for downloading applications.

Now, what happens when you do not have Internet access? Sometimes the problem with internet access due to the equipment being used, and other times it is because the place is being used, for example in a village. Even in this condition we can install applications if others already have, so it is important to know if your PC or laptop has Bluetooth connection or even your phone.

Can Sharing applications on Android?

Android applications can be shared in different ways. Usually people choose to share via WhatsApp because it is one of the most effective methods out there, just simply access the application page on la Play Store , select the option to share, and to click to WhatsApp.

Now when you open the WhatsApp must look to the person you want to share this application, and voila. Even if the person does not have WhatsApp, when we select share from the Play Store have a list, where we can see the options that offers the platform.

Although it sounds great option to share from the Play Store is a very big constraint, and that is if the other person does not have Internet access can not download the application. But all is not lost, there are other methods with which they can be download and install applications without Internet access .

Applications can run without internet?

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Yes, there are applications that can be used without internet access , for some users who are located in remote areas of the city where there is little internet. They are usually traveling, or any other reason with which complicates them access to the network; there alternatives that are called apps offline .

applications offline are those that work without Internet access , some have a partial function. Ie only enables some fields such application outside network. While others if they can be used without internet as a whole.

What applications can be used without internet?

There is an incredible number of applications that can be used without internet. Among which we mention Poket which is a platform with which you can download full pages from the web and then watch them, Netflix that also works with this mode but with series or movies.

Bookari which functions as an application where we can download books and then read, with great tools such as the saving of the last page you were reading. And this is just the tip of the iceberg, since we only focus on the most famous applications out there.

How to spend or share applications via Bluetooth in Android?

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In order to submit an application for Bluetooth from the mobile we must first understand that Bluetooth is actually the term and what is and second factor very important, and it is that APK must have downloaded the application . After that we must ensure that both teams are already connected via Bluetooth.

Then, we enter the section files and search where you saved the APK , then keep pressed the file until the options we appear, and seek the option that says Share .

After selecting sharing we should see the different options that allows us the program, choose Bluetooth and then select the computer that is already connected. When charging is complete and will appear the APK on the other phone and you can install it normally.

The transfers via Bluetooth are still used, since a lot of users work and use applications outside the Play Store that can only be installed with APK and the bluetooth is the tool par excellence to transfer these files.

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