How To Revert To An Earlier Version Of My Android Applications Easily?

return to a previous version android applications

Is it possible to return to an earlier version of my Android? If you have already emerged that doubt you are in the indicated location. For the Android operating system the ability to customize is infinite, making it possible for each user to modify most of the time what you like.

Of course, as with all, there are some limitations (not all that we want to be at hand). However, leaving aside the pessimism, yes, you can have the version you want, the application you want, simply take action or not to take 10 minutes of your life.

Return to an earlier version of My Android Apps

As you already have read so you can revert to an earlier version of the application you want, but how you do this ?, Well the first thing you should know is that you immediately uninstall version present the application you want to return.

In fact, Android is only designed to go forward and not back, so if no uninstall, will not let you install another version error ” application not installed” appears.

As a warning to do, chances are that you lose all the application data as they can import files from an older version to another, but not vice versa, so that data already saved had will disappear.

 android mobile operating system

The next thing to know is that there are two ways to uninstall an application, the first is the most simple and is performed with the applications you have installed, and as everyone knows exit the application by pressing matter by an extended period to release the “Uninstall” .

The second way is with applications that were preinstalled on the device, they can not be deleted if you do not have a root, then you need to do is uninstall updates, to return a   its original state.

This is very simple to do just needs to go to Google Play and the section on the corresponding application, and give you the “Uninstall.” As an application that was pre – installed the window that you want confirmation to uninstall all updates to this Android system? I is as simple as synchronize notes with iOS and Android give “OK” and go.

Installs the version of your choice

This is the best way to to return to one of the applications from the previous version of my Android. The only problem you will find that previous versions are not on Google Play, you need to download an app APK.

sure to do a speed test load a website prevent interference in the process and as WiFi speed test .

APK pages can use Mirror to find the version you want and download, then you simply install it like any other application and loan. (Some may need to activate the function to accept external applications).


 apps and

  Disable updates

is the shortest and most important step is that without the sense of the above brands, because if you disable the option updates all goes back to what it was when you have the internet.

To disable this action, again go to Google Play Store   and search for the application in question, at the top appear right vertical gray three points representing the “ Menu ” to display a pressure window where there is an option called ” automatically update” uncheck this option and go.

After the process of returning to a previous version of my Android applications has been successfully completed and normality. The application should work perfectly and have no problem later on the road.

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