How To Restore Or Repair A Damaged Unresponsive Application In Android

 repair damaged application

At all times, we are using through our mobile devices different applications. These may be native, or that are shipped with the phone or those downloaded If you use Android, from the Play Store .

How to Restore Damaged or repair an application that does not respond on Android

But sometimes these App does not work properly or are simply damaged. For those cases we will show you how to restore or repair a damaged unresponsive application in Android.

 repair application

Increasingly, many the App that come to the market and many alternatives to help perform certain activities. Whether to know the weather, to download music for free, to send messages or voice memos. There are many and varied and have become almost essential on our phones it is possible that unload one every day for testing.

But what happens when these applications do not work correctly or simply the way to install them on our mobile devices do not work. Do not worry in the next tutorial we will explain you should do to restore or repair a damaged unresponsive application in Android.

How to restore or repair a damaged unresponsive application in Android

In previous articles, we talked about this situation where App presents some problems and we explain how to solve them.. For this sense we ask you to be sure to read and follow these simple steps to apply


It is possible that when install an app , this was working properly, but we started to rummage through your settings and started the chaos. The solution then we’re going to present, works for both native applications or those that have downloaded from the store.

The reason which the application has stopped working does not matter, what really matters is what we do. Many recommend that you perform a restaurant from your computer to your href=””> . But this action is equivalent to miss all the information you have stored on your phone, from photos, contacts, chats, etc.

Repair Android app damaged

To avoid having to make such an extreme operation, as the team is reset and start from the beginning. So what we do is reset the application that is causing us problems and we will do this as follows. In our cell, we will head to Settings and then being in this section, we will find the option of applications.

Here we will choose the option All and begin to look for the app that we are presenting the fault. Select it, and doing this will show the application window with the following options Uninstall and Force stop . Also we can see other data like permissions, Storage, notifications, etc.

Now we press the Storage option and here we will select the Erase Data option. In doing this, a box appears with the question Delete application data? then you must press on the OK option. This action will allow the application to be like when first installed.

will show the tutorial use, etc. then we will select the Force stop option, this will generate a picture with the question Do you want to force stop? And you must press the OK option. And as a last step would be to restart your mobile computer for the changes you made in the application are applied.

After our mobile phone to reboot and start their functions normally, we will direct the application to open it and make sure it works properly. And if you’ve performed the steps correctly as we explain here, the App should work just fine without presenting faults that had at first.

 restore applications

And so easy, you have taught the steps you must perform to restore or repair a damaged unresponsive application in Android . We hope that the sconces and teach your family and friends and they indicate where fabulous learned this tutorial.

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