How To See And Control My Pc From My Android Phone With Google Home?

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Have you ever wondered how control my PC remotely? Well, you are here presents the simplest solution, using your Google Home and your mobile Android.

Follow these steps and you can automate great options, very productive for when you have the hands busy or are away from the PC. Undoubtedly, Google scoring again with another of his best tools products and services.

Can I control my PC with Android and Google Home?

You must start knowing that this task is not as straightforward as you would like, so far, Google has not created any tools. However, with Google Home, you are able to translate conversations with the interpreter mode or even make phone calls to your contacts with Google Home , just to name a few.

But this does not mean you can not make the main premise for this, you get here, so you learn to manage your PC with ease .

Well, understanding that there is no native Google option that allows you to make changes to the PC with voice commands. To do this, Americas install some software on your PC and your mobile , in order to complete the task of controlling your PC with Google Home.

The program will help you achieve your goal is TRIGGERcmd , you can download it from the Play Store, preferably, download on mobile with Google Home.

Once you have the app, you’re ready to start, this will be the connection between the PC and your assistant Google, You only have to complete the setting .


In order to answer your question how to control my PC? You have to set some things in it, something quite simple to do.

Enter the official website TRIGGERcmd and create a user name and password, this account will be your means of connection between the Google Home and PC.

 desktop computer

Once you have your account, you must download the client of this tool to the complete registration, the same page will let you automatically download it.

After installation, you will need to enter a Token, this can find it on the web, specifically in the “ Instructions “. That done, you have registered your PC.


As mentioned before, you Download “ Run command ” of TRIGGERcmd on your mobile with Google Assistant and thus control my PC to Google Home.

A time to add accounts, you will be asked to enter your account, this associate your device with the PC, making it can receive commands you specify.

Set commands to control my PC

TRIGGERcmd you can create freely commands and can configure almost any action, shutdown, restart, opening applications and many more commands.

To do this, you must enter the program installed on your PC, you may search your home bar with TRIGGERcmd icon and make second click.

Select “ GUI Command Editor “, once there, you’ll see the default application command, you can keep or modify.

If you want to add a new one, click “ Add Command ” Note that you must fill out a list of fields, these will determine the command are explained below:

Trigger : Name of the command. Command : Name of the command to execute. Ground : is flat on the, foreground command is done, run the command from the account initiated, background, data from local command


TRIGGER white letters orange

Voice : The phrase or word to be said for the command is executed, should be empty, take the name of the Command. Voice Reply : A comment that tell Google Home to confirm the execution of the command


Allow Parameters : This is to determine the time off or opening a specific web that dictes at the time


Having filled these items, you must press “ Save “, completed the creation process, you must go back to the bar and select the icon TRIGGERcmd the right mouse button.

Bakcground Service “, select “ Install Background ” done this, you only have to prove your command with the assistant Google and voila, you’ve accomplished.

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