How To Remove Or Disable The Home Screen Start Application App On Android

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With the advent of apps, have been expanding the possibilities of optimizing the use of Android. You may already have installed Star App; but maybe you do not know how to remove or disable the Home screen of the Start App on Android. Do not worry because this tutorial will show you how easy and fast.

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How to Remove or Disable Home Screen Application Start App on Android

One advantage of these devices is that can be configured according to your needs. can select the apps that can be started firing your Android ; or conversely, if you prefer avoid the automatic startup of some applications in Android .

Similarly, there are interesting things in the safety part; such as put password to your mobile Android applications . Even you can change your look for put the same lock screen on your iPhone iOS Android . But today we will focus on App Start.

About Start App:

  • The default Android bring the app Lock Screen, but Start App will be perfect if you want to replace because it offers impressive profits and protect your data; besides its graphical interface is friendly.
  • You can download for free from the Play Store.
  • You will have access to all the apps you’ve downloaded on your Android.

How can you use Start App?

This is easily used app:

  • Press the first button on the lower left side and swipe from left to right, so they appear in the left side of the screen some of the applications you have installed and other functions such as “Setting Plugins”.

 starting Android app start

  • You can also swipe left right and view other utilities over the right side of the screen, such as edition theme , if the case is you want to change it, you can download it for free from the Play Store,
  • On the right side bar can also set the Widget by accessing Preferences.
  • To open applications or functions, just position yourself on you go to open and drag it to the right or to the left and will be displayed.

How to unlock your Adroid with Start App?

  • When the main screen locks will be easier than you think disable it, just tap the screen twice,
  • Then press the icon in the “lock” locked in a ring, and move it to where the icons around the lock to the move to the right toward the star icon, you’ll see recently used applications
  • In the move to the gear icon “on” you will see the apps messaging recently used, such as for example Gmail, Hangouts, WhatsApp or Facebook,
  • A going to the Call icon will see the favorite contacts and recent calls, typing on them will see their details.
  • When you go to the photo icon see all apps gallery or photos,
  • You will be able to access other utilities more, like go to website only pressing on the main screen at the top of the screen of the app, this can thus access the Yahoo browser which is the default for this App.

How can remove or disable the start screen Start App?

In all utilities offered by this app is also designed to remove or deactivate your screen, how do you do?

  • Go to “Settings”

 screenshot phone home

  • Then in menu select “Screen unlock”
  • Now “Lock type” select “None” and that’s it.

Why disable homescreen Start App?

Sometimes you will find it best to turn off the main lock screen Start App for many reasons, as they are:

  • Enter a website, or
  • Set up your Android functions from Start App, just move to the right on the left side on the functions desired change; as in the case of “Add images” that the same app includes add Stikers , add a shortcut to your favorite apps to appear on the bar left side, < strong> enable or disable games , among other functions.

With how to remove or disable the Home screen of the Start App on Android, go and customize your Android, and see quickly what you want without leaving the lock screen.

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