What Are The Best Player Android Music Without Ads?

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We all like to enjoy good music without interruption. And it’s much better if it’s free. So over time have created multiple applications and websites in order to give us a good experience when listening to music.

There are many players and applications on the market, however, some of them are paid and others have endless advertisements that all they do is hinder the reproduction of the same.

However, there are also players with which you can enjoy your favorite music for free and without ads. Here we will discuss both payments and free players.

In this article learn Who are the best commercial-free music players for Android and how to obtain them.

What is YouTube Music Premium?

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The first of which talk is YouTube Music Premium , service YouTube . Payment but without the annoying ads

Not only can enjoy your favorite music without ads, but you can also play music files your phone with YouTube Music in the background, even when you close the application. Another benefit is that you can download music and enjoy it offline for 30 days. And set the app to listen depending on the content, YouTube . automatically download songs

You can even activate the “Audio” mode, ie, you can enjoy the music you want without watching the videos. This is useful when you have good connection and thus the load is interrupted.

If you want to know how to enjoy this service now, you can enter this href=”https://www.youtube.com/musicpremium”> link and find more details respect. And this article on how to play YouTube Music Premium in the background, may also be interested in reading this article how YouTube listen in the background.

What are the best music players for Android without ads?

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It should be mentioned that there are devices integrated players already do a good job . Therefore, try the next factory, before downloading or pay for a similar service.

With this in mind, and if you think the sound quality does not convince you, we encourage you to try the following applications that are sure you will like.

Google Play Music

Although not a free service, you can listen to your favorite music without interruptions caused by ads and also have a wide range of selection and of course the quality of the audio, worth it.

Google Play Music is so default on most Android devices, but you find it, you can download easily from the Play Store. In the following article we teach how to upload and store your music to Google Play Music easily online.

VLC Media Player

This is a free and ad-free service where you can enjoy videos and music with quite acceptable quality audio. You can also download it from the Play Store.


It is a powerful music player that allows play music in all common formats. Is considered, in fact, one of the best players songs for Android, if not the best for excellence in sound quality.

You can get it from the Play Store and enjoy a free period. And even then you have to pay to keep it and get desfrutando improvements, it is another of the players that is worth paying.

BlackPlayer EX

This is an alternative and even might call Poweramp substitute. Has a very similar quality and the same as the above, you can get a free trial from the Play Store and then pay for the Pro version.

Music Player Press

This is another player struggling to position themselves in the best choice when listening to music. It is not only free publicity but is also free.

Provides excellent design and the option to customize it. It is even possible to change the playback speed of the audio and thus suit your taste. At the same as those mentioned above, can be obtained in the Play Store free


Retro Music Player

This application provides a customizable interface design and as Press Music Player . If yours is the design, animations and style, this is your player. It is completely free and you can download on the Play Store.

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