Disconnects My Wifi Only Android -Solution

Interrupting wireless internet

The evolution of technology continues to evolve every day; however, this still has bugs and glitches from time to time. One of the clearest examples is with Wifi, a tool that allows us to be connected with everyone, but sometimes fails disconnected and leaving unable to communicate with anyone. However, we can troubleshooting connection to remain connected


My WiFi is only disconnects in Android -Solution

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The internet has become indispensable for our life and our daily lives. And everything revolves around him, that is so necessary in our mobile. We need the internet to work , to investigate, watch TV, study and even to communicate with family and friends; even leaving aside calls and text messages, which in theory are the basic functions of a phone.

It is always necessary that our wifi is always available and running smoothly, but you may our mobile wifi can be disconnected only , stop functioning or not to display the available networks. It can also happen that our work wifi, however, when we blocked mobile, it is switched off. If you think any of this you can try these solutions to fix the wifi on your phone.

wireless internet connectivity

Wireless is constantly off

If your phone starts to constantly disconnect and previously presented this fails, the error may be in the system. If the fault is maintained over time the best thing to solve this situation is create a copy of security your phone and restore your phone to its factory state.

To perform this procedure you must go to the phone settings and select the option Cloud and accounts . There you have to select Copy and press restore. Enables Backup option and press the option Restore data.

After this process, your device should stop automatically disconnect from wireless networks. If this procedure does not solve the error, you’d better bring your computer to a service.

Wireless disconnects when the phone is locked

If your phone is connected normally to a WiFi network, but turns off automatically whenever you block and you must connect manually each time, chances are that the wifi is set to disconnect and you need to change those settings.

To do this will have to go to the WiFi settings, advanced options and disable the function called Enable Wi suspended. After completion of this last step, your phone should not have inconvenience of disconnection each screen lock.

Wireless my mobile is disconnected from the network but no other devices

If there is a wifi network and everyone you can connect without problems is given less you, it’s probably your device has a virus, application that is interfering with Wi-Fi WiFi or your phone was damaged due to a blow on your device.

If the case turns out to be by one of the first two reasons, you could install an antivirus on your device, put the phone in airplane mode and then disable or restart the phone. This would be enough to solve the problem.

If, however, the error is due to a failure of the wifi on your device, the most viable solution is to bring mobile service.

WiFi file sharing

My phone will not connect to wireless networks

If your device is no longer connected to the wireless network in your home, possibly two things are happening:

  1. network settings, such as the IP and DHCP do not match
  2. The waves emitted by the wireless network are generating interference and no signal reaches the mobile device.
  3. To address related to the first case problems we recommend update the software of the device , this will reset the configuration of the wifi on your device, and thus connect as usual.

    To update the software sees the phone settings, press the status update option, checks if a newer and updated version.

    To avoid conflict of interference ensures that your router is in a high area which is not blocked by cardboard or metal and away from other devices that emit waves, just as you would a radio.

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