Changing The Keyboard Of My Android Phone-Easy And Fast

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Then we will see how to change the keyboard of my Android phone easily and quickly . Possibly one of the most used apps on the phone is the keyboard. It should be comfortable and easy to use, right? Let’s see how to change and above all for what change it.

Changing the keyboard my phone Android -Easy and Fast

The keyboard is one of the apps that we use when we are with our mobile. So it is too important to have one quality that allows us to write easily and above all comfortable things.

A little further down you will not only teach you how to install a new keyboard and change to make it default on your device. But also let you to recommend several keyboards that are currently the best.

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Changing the keyboard on Android

Below we’ll recommend several keyboards that are available in the Play Store and are the best you can find today. But for now, let the tutorial to learn quickly how to change the Android keyboard.

Before continuing, it is important to make it clear that even though you download all the keyboards you want. Those who already have installed are not uninstalled. Can enable one to use and others will be on the phone for when you want to use them unless you want to uninstall them like any other application.

  • The first thing you do is enter the Play Store and find the keyboard in question.
  • After this you will have to press on “ Install ” and accept pop-up messages that appear.
  • Wait for the download to complete to start the installation, this process can take a few minutes.
  • After this we will have to enable the keyboard downloaded from the menu “ Settings ” or “ Settings ” from your mobile device.
  • Then we’ll have to go to “ Language and input text ” and from this place set up keyboards we’ve downloaded.
  • Depending on the version may change. However, we usually press on “ Default ” and activate the new keyboard that we downloaded.
  • Then go to “ Keyboards and input methods ” and you have to configure the keyboard you just downloaded.

Just as there are applications to change the style of the keyboard can also find some help you change the language of the keyboard, so you can have special characters in each language hand, such as Japanese.

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How to install another keyboard in Android

Now let’s look at all options regarding keyboard which we have. Fortunately and unlike iOS, Android we have several proposals of very high quality.

  • Keyboard Chrooma . Possibly one of the best in many ways. And it is that not only gives us the ability to customize our device to the maximum. It also has artificial intelligence and contextual prediction. So it’s a fairly full keyboard in every way and one that should prove without a doubt.
  • Keyboard SwiftKey . One of the best known with a huge number of themes and designs, more than 800 emojis, word prediction and even predicting emoji. We also adjusts the size of the letters and the keyboard itself for adapting to the size of the screen of your mobile.
  • The keyboard can learn how to write synchronizing it with the cloud. Thus with the passage of time SwiftKey you learn how to write to help make faster.
  • Gboard . In a nutshell it is Google keyboard which has a gestural control, a lot of emoji and many gifs to send. Best of the putting a special fund.
  • turn has a great possibility of customization between various designs and themes. The great Spanish works which makes it much easier to write fast. It even has a function of “ Google Translate ” to translate anything you type on the keyboard without having to get out of this.

As you can observe is very easy to learn how to change the keyboard of my Android phone and in a few steps will take the keyboard you want installed on your device. And even also you can have in your Android device iOS keyboard iPhones quickly and easily.

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