How To Control My Pc From Mobile Android Remotely Without Internet

pC remote control

With advances in technology we have now, very few people could believe that you can control the computer of our mobile Android. But it is that Microsoft Windows natively fashion brings remote access feature known as RDP. This is why you then show how to control my PC remotely without Android Mobile Internet.

 control PC with mobile

But we also need to download an application on the phone to allow communication with our PC, this of course without using the Internet.

Since using the Remote Desktop Protocol or RPD may allow a connection between a computer system operating running Windows and a client and therefore this way, you can work with a PC as if you were in front of him – one.

It is this new way to access the computer like how to use my Android as remote control a Smart TV. The interconnection of different devices via connecting programs. And this is just one appetizer of what remains to discover new generations who will grow up in a totally technological world.

How to control my remote PC Mobile Android without Internet

Remote Desktop DB is an application that is installed on Windows natively,   but there are many applications that can perform this task perfectly. Such as Chrome Remote Desktop or VNC Viewer Team Viewer. And through them   control my PC from Android phone remotely without Internet


To do this, the first thing to do is check if we have enabled this feature on your computer. You indicate that these steps were performed on Windows 8 and so depending on the version may vary slightly. Then we stand on the beginning and we click the right mouse button.

In the options menu system we choose, this window, select the Settings option remote access. And that takes us   the System Properties window and the Remote Assistance section should check that the box is ” allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer” is selected.

We also need to check into the section Remote Desktop ” allow connections only from computers running remote network authentication Level Desktop” is enabled. Once we checked into effect this protocol enabled on your Windows system, we move to the next step.

Using the RDP app to remotely control my PC from Android

What we do next is download the app from the Play Store , you can do it for free and find like Microsoft remote desktop . Once we made the download and installation on your Android device, we open. And we must add the PC that is available for connection podernos.

And to do that, we went to the top of the screen where you will find   the (+) icon that you need to press. automatically detect computers that have enabled this protocol. When it appears on our screen, we can click on it to add and make the connection.

And as the connection was made, now we just log in and control our PC from mobile Android. We need to make a point, if we use the computer through mobile, we can not physically use the PC. Only access after completing the remote session.

Any configuration or adjustment we want to optimize the operation of this application can do it from the menu. What we can find the guide on the left side to the right.

Then, to end the session, we can do it in the Menu top so you can have access to the computer.

 control my pc

You can see how easy it is to use the various applications we have at our disposal to take control of other electronic devices, and in this case it could do to   to control my PC remotely without Android Mobile Internet.

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