How To Back Up And Restore The “Efs” Folder On Android?

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It is essential to know how to make a backup of the “EFS” folder Android , if you are the users who makes constant “ flasheos ” to the ROM.

Therefore, it is also important to know the href=””> to carry out a good work with better understanding.

This fundamentally to avoid uncorrectable errors if some of these processes fail, so it has a safe. Especially if the person who will perform the procedure are doing it for the first time, which makes it more likely that something might happen.

As always is advisable to make a backup of this file key , which will ensure the safety of the team.

What is and what is the “EFS” Android?


This folder has an essential function within the cell, for the same has certain vital data saved for the team.

These are comprised of data from the SIM and IMEI number, and information Bluetooth MAC number and other vital information.

Also, save the “ productCode ” or rather, the product code, and likewise is the SIM UNLOCK.

All of these files in the folder are essential elements that, being erased by accident, can cause irreparable damage.

And this why? For this it is the main goal when trying to free a cell or change Android version or install a ROM.

This is where lies the importance of creating a backup of the folder, thus ensuring that these irrecoverable and unique data will be safe.

EFS android

If a problem occurs during the process and the “EFS” folder Android is impaired, can reset the computer without problems .

they do not, there would be no way to repair the cell, causing an irreversible state in it, preventing its functions normally do.

Make a backup of the folder “EFS”

Keep in mind that for this procedure should have some experience and knowledge in the subject area.

That said, the same represents a risk if not done properly , so if it has no skill for the task, it is best not to do.

So, you can also look for someone trustworthy and also has experience to help the owner of the equipment to perform the backup.

Now, if you decide to start, what to do to proceed is to enter the root directory (/) of the phone, which is where the folder

To do this you may need to “ rootearse “, so all the user permissions granted to the owner of the phone. In addition, you obtain a file manager that has the ability to explore the root file of the device.

From the same, and being at said location, “EFS” Android folder (/efs ) is set, and let down your finger on it. This will display a number of options, so you have to do is select the one that says “ Copy ” to clone the contents of the files.

EFS folders arrows

Next, you have to paste in a separate location other than the root folder. It can work if done in the removable memory or SD.

Restore EFS


If, on the other hand, what you want is to restore the EFS folder using a backup, only to be had do the reverse process .

That is, the duplicate copy security and, through a file manager having root permissions, place the EFS folder in the path “/efs

Then the computer will restart in recovery mode or “ Recovery Mode “, where you can simply follow these instructions or commands.

Select in this order options “ Wipe data reset factory ” Then in “ Wipe cache partition “, and finally “ Advanced/wipe Dalvik cache “.

Having already done this, the terminal will restart and you will have restored the EFS folder within the Android team.

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