How To Create An Effect Of The Camera Portrait Mode With My Android?

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It is amazing how many effects that can be applied to a photograph; you can completely transform an image by applying backgrounds, colors, brightness, etc.

One effect that has become popular is the portrait mode , especially on mobile devices. You want to know what it is and how to achieve it? Here we explain how to create an effect portrait mode with your camera Android. Let us first understand some basic features of this effect you’ll love.

Features effect portrait mode

The effect in question is not for nothing new, in fact, long been used in traditional photography. This is an image captured with a subject or object in focus and the blurred background . This is possible thanks to the manufacture of mobile phones with dual camera; They can be used both lenses and the result is much better than the first cameras created. We also remind you that this option is completely different from the Night Mode Camera Android .

The foregoing does not mean that all phones with two cameras to portrait mode available, you may have to download any application to get it.

If you keep reading you’ll learn what some Android devices with effect portrait mode built-in camera, and applications available for those who bring are not factory installed. In addition you explain what you need to do to use.

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Creating the effect portrait mode with Android devices

Here are some Android devices come from the factory with the effect we are talking about built-in camera , so you just need to know some routes to apply to your photos:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S9 +. Both devices have a dual chamber in which both lenses work to create the desired visual depth. To make use of the effect of portrait mode must access the Live Focus function, opens the camera application, select Live Focus adjusts the blur the background you like most and take the picture.
  • Samsung Galaxy S9. This device has the selfie Focus function, which differs from the Live Focus because it automatically adjusts the white balance to favor the appearance of the image. Access this function by opening the camera application, selecting the front camera and looking for selfie Focus option. With this already located, take photo and enjoy an original image.
  • Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL. These phones do not come with dual camera configuration but has an integrated portrait mode achieves the effect of a perfect way. You only need to open the camera application, select Menu, and press the portrait option. Take the picture, look for it in the gallery and you’ll see that Google added the effect automatically.

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The best applications to add effect to your photos portrait mode

Any Android device can achieve portrait mode on your photos without spending large sums of money on new equipment. We recommend upgrade to the latest version of the Google Play Store before installing any the following applications to avoid future problems.

  • AfterFocus. To find the effect you just have draw on the image where you want the focus to be applied . Comes with three filters and many other tools to edit the photo.
  • LightX. It has many editing functions, including the portrait mode. It also has a separate background blur option with which you can also play and customize your photo.
  • AirBrush. With it you can go to apply the effect to the time it takes the picture, so you visualize the result before capturing the image. You can also edit the images you have stored in your gallery.

To summarize, there are several ways you can create the effect portrait mode using your Android devices. Check out the features that are built into the camera app on your phone.

And if you realize that there is that option, you must download one of the apps available on the Play Store . We invite you to view other effects that will help take professional pictures with the camera in Android items available.

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