How To Customize And Change Color Led Notifications On Android? | Light Flow

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Many Android phones , possess the quality to include a LED light for announcements, and a very good way to optimize its use is color changing LED notifications.

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Customize and change the color of the LED Notifications in Android | Light Flow

In this regard, some teams bring default power setting them, but this is very limited and not all users get what they wish.

Since create, edit or customize a widget Android to just the best launchers for Android customize a cell, everything is possible in modifying your device.

Therefore, there is an application called Light Flow , which allows a more precise customization, and works for devices that do not have their own settings in the area.

What exactly is the Light Flow?

This is an application, as already mentioned, the purpose is directed towards a more extensive configuration of the LED on notifications .

Assuming so, control or change the color of the ads for a large number of applications and approximately 550 own events of the system.

Among these, highlight the email services missed calls, notifications from social networks like Twitter and Facebook, calendar reminders, and more.

How can I have this app to customize the color LED notifications?

First, you must have the application in question, which comes in two versions, the Lite (free) and Premium (to be acquired).

Now the same developers recommend that initially working with the Light Flow Lite , to determine whether the computer supports it.

In this way, many problems and possible complaints if the device does not consent to the App saves work properly.

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Conserving the idea, the Light Flow can be achieved directly from the Google Play Store, and placing the name in the search box, paying attention to the developer “ Reactle “.

Then, you will click “ Install ” or “ Buy “, according to the case. Will have to wait until the process culminates to start using it.


Before you can adjust anything, grant certain permissions required to the application must, for example, ignore battery optimization.

Since this affects its proper functioning, although some users do not like this requirement increases consumption background battery.

So, and after giving all the necessary permits, the Light Flow will be executed, and so we set it according to our tastes and needs.

Another prerequisite is to provide access to notifications generated by applications for what was going to “ Set ” and then activates the “ Light Flow “access to the page.

Now if for some reason this step can always be done from the “ Settings ” skips, followed by “ Sound & notifications ” and “< strong> access notifications “.

Customize the color LED notifications

Already endowed the App necessary, will appear on your home screen with suggestions to advance, will be pressed “ Understood ” or “ Got it .”

Consequently, a list will be revealed in all applications that allow the application to customize the color LED notifications.

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In addition to this, they also have the possibility of change the vibration pattern and even the sound of ads . In the present case, the action should be directed towards the flange of the LED light, which adjusts the color, frequency and duration flash.

Only it is sufficient to determine the options you want, move to select them and thus be able to exploit it to the maximum LED mobile.

Other ways

If you press the bottom button on the right, which has a “ + ” he can add a custom notification light for various applications, contacts and more.

While if you opt for the button with three points and that located next to each App , it will be possible to disable the warning or set specifically for it.

Finally, users may also explore other options to revising the tabs aimed at various points.

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