How Easily Edit Videos For Igtv Vertical On Android

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For some time, the leading platform for sharing video and photos, gave birth to their IGTV application, so that many users have joined edit vertical videos for IGTV

Editing Videos Easily IGTV Vertical for Android

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This creation is not only a specialized application for publishing vertical videos , and is designed primarily for use with smartphones

In this sense, IGTV or, as it is also known, Instagram TV, has the particularity of allowing these videos maximum ten minutes . In the same way you can save on your mobile to see them every time you want.

And even if the account is verified or published is quite popular, the time limit increases to 60 minutes


Now, as we said, this app is not new, but even so, many users do not know how to edit videos for IGTV vertical


And, although not need to have advanced knowledge creation and editing , you usually always find that products up are quality <./p>

Mainly because, pretend you publish the vertical video, is expected to diversity of people can view it , and . therefore nobody would want to present something wrong done

So, although the content depends on the individual, so if you can guarantee is that the video has the appropriate quality editing


So here are some options accessible and simple to use, edit IGTV vertical audiovisual content for a smartphone Android


It should be noted that edit from a mobile is much easier, especially respect for the recording formats


 video applications igtv

App Video Show vertical video editing

After having installed the application, which is available for both Android and iOS in the specific store AC gives system.

In the video editor, you should choose all the material that is to be used (pictures and videos), and add them.

Then the option called “ Aspect Ratio ” videos allow you to place vertically, with the “ 9:16 ” must be sufficient for editing.

This App has a wide range of musical tracks and themes to choose from, also supports export the file in HD quality without time limits .

On the other hand, includes many effects, the possibility of including texts, transitions, labels, GIFs, sound effects, and even voiceover. And many more to explore.

Live Video Editing App

This is one of the most video editors popularity when it comes to mobile. Similarly is available for iOS and Android.

is positioned as an option rather simple to edit videos for IGTV vertical, although many of its functions are limited if not Premium.

However, video clips attach , and choose to add special effects or even make use of flashy transitions to switch clips.

As a special feature to consider in this app, the original video must be vertically , so that the final creation problem free.

download live video

Although “Edit Clip ” brings mode in the named section “ Share “, which, to the select 9:16 will re-scale the video, or to adapt it will blur.

videoshop -Excellent App vertical video editing

A the same as other applications, it accepts the inclusion of vertical videos, but if the media are not adding to that condition, reescalarán not alone.

In this way, must be done manually using the “ size ” and then make the necessary finger zoom.


This App trim videos and add transitions and sounds . But just way you can upload long videos on your stories. Furthermore, it can improve the contrast, brightness, saturation and hue, and the like speed.

All this simply, even add themes and filters that can be chosen. Includes many more options that can be explored if customer payment is.

Finally, remember that the use of enlargement right to edit vertical videos for IGTV is only part of the process , the rest will depend on creativity, application, skills, desire and time to be invested in the project.

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