How To Have The Iphone Style Notifications On Android Devices?

iPhone lock screen notifications

Some people want to have notifications to the iPhone style in Android, mainly because they prefer the second OS, but the iOS notifications tend to be more stylized.

Today, you can have WhatsApp on iPhone in style to the Android like download and install the iPhone camera on Android. are almost no barriers between them.

As this is possible thanks to a specialized application on time for it, but to get there first make a number of settings.

Then bring a guide on this wonderful instrument, such as achieving acquire it and adjust properly.

How to Have Style iPhone Notifications to Android Devices

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Purchase and install the App

We’ll start talking about this tool that allows notifications to the iPhone style in Android, whose name is Floatify Notifications , Floatify or Floatify lockscreen.

can be found on the web, or directly in the Google Play Store using the integrated search engine Store.

What makes this app is to allow ctivar notifications . And it will be advisable to purchase a Pro version of it, so that the experience and functioning better.

In addition, there are applications for this purpose only, but also for pass or sync your iPhone contacts on Android at any time.

Install Floatify Notifications from Internet

Now, the first step to download the Floatify in its free version (which will verify that it is functional), is placing it through the search engine and lowering it.

Then the folder containing the files will open on the smartphone, which usually is called “ Downloads ” or “ Download “.

In this way, we will proceed with the installation of the application by clicking the corresponding file with the name and then “ Install “.

You must wait until you quit notice that was properly installed, to move to execute it and accept the terms and conditions by “ OK “.

iphone bar options

Then it is given in “ Next ” to the App redirect action towards the section “ Access notifications “, where you should activate this option through the slide button.

In this way, the system will display a warning to ensure that you want to assign permissions listed above, click “ Allow ” is necessary.

A the return to the main screen of the Floatify, to complete the process by selecting the blue button “ Okay, Let’s get started! “.

From the Google Play Store

Opening the Store of the device, there will be lots of steps, simply the name of the “ Floatify ” is written in the search to find her.

In the results, will position both the free version as Pro, so you just have to give on the chosen option and then press “ Install ” or “ Buy “.

Here, after completing the installation, to permit the application will be indispensable to the same as in the aforementioned method.

Settings to have notification to the iPhone style Android

After the application is installed, you must run the Floatify Pro , and access the “ Notifications ” section that will be just opening the App.

Already in this section, you can decide all matters relating to notifications administer this program on the device. But what we’re looking for, it is to have notice of the iPhone type, is achieved in the “ Style “, giving on the “ Themes “.

This action will result as a list of all available topics, for example, may choose an element called “ iOS 11 ” to apply the model.

 enter key cases

The good news is that the same application includes a preview mode. Whereby, after making changes, observe the result.

This is an icon with an arrow of reproduction, which can be found at the top right of the screen. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the same section configuration “ Notifications “, brings other interesting ways.

For example, if you press on “ Advanced Settings “, more options will be displayed, among which we can change the color of notifications. In addition to deciding how warnings will be with locked screen, icons, images and more contact.

So would a choice and taste of each user playing with the possibilities, and thus have the best setup notification to the iPhone style Android.

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