Organizing Applications On Android Device Sections

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smartphone have made a change at all, today people use their phones almost every second of the day, this makes it as accessible so often need to have a good organization.

How to organize applications on Android device by Sections

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As there is a wide variety of applications that people use, it is also true that many app that are not used so often, this is where we have to think about the organization and order.

Of course all this summarized in time, this is because as much access the phone for different reasons, good location of the icons of different applications needed not to waste time.

Of course the way we organize this app will greatly help locate them quickly, besides saving a lot of time as there are so many times we walked to the phone we need order. There are different organizational options, from put and arrange icons in a grid on mobile Android and if you want to can hide applications on an Android phone easily.

Another important thing is that each person is different for Organize . That will depend on your priorities, so the advice given here are ideas of how according to the importance of each person, you can sort your applications.

It is to imagine that manufacturers know that there is this problem of organizing app, but they also seek practical solutions that allow users to quickly access these applications have become assistants to design voice or even other app.

Now let’s explain them how to organize apps on your smartphone Android operating system.

Ways to organize applications on Android device sections

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Here are some ways to do it in a very easy way and easily.

Arrange on the Home screen

In this place should be icons for applications that use quite often, there is also the dock which is nothing but the icon bar at bottom of the main screen, and that just unlock phone appear immediately. Therefore according to your priorities you place the application you use the most in these places.

Organize by Color Applications

For this something important needs to be very disciplined, well organized have good photographic memory, but it is a method quite effective . You place your icons by placing colors and go depending on your preference.

Organize by App to More Use

This method is the most popular because you do is bringing them as close as possible to the main screen, so you can quickly access the entering mobile to the unlock, the least used will go running in the other screens.

Organize by Categories

As there are many applications can arrange the subjects such as group them by the music, games, we can say that folder is entertainment. To that extent seeks work or communications , and create folders to store them.

Organize BLANKS

We do not say that is a way to organize applications, but as the purpose is to let this feeling BLANKS allowed more easily locate what you are looking for.

Organize with Launchers

These are application launchers that are replacing the Home screens of the phone, this is to further customize our mobile, it also allows us to sort the app.

Organize alphabetically

This way is functional according to the circumstances of the user, but can say that is practical, easy. When ordered can thus easily get the application icons .

A device well organized

Android device on the table

This way is functional according to the circumstances of the user, but we can say it is handy and easy . When ordered can thus easily get the application icons.

With this we save time to locate, use, then go to another application quickly, now is very important to do well. These tips are explained here are useful.

You have to see which of them fits your circumstances, will rely heavily on the use you give mobile, whether work, fun or entertainment you required here are several practical ways to Organize your apps you download from the P lay Store .

If you want to learn how to move and organize application icon on the screen of the Android Huawei I invite you to check out this article.

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