How To Install Xposed Framework On My Android Phone? – Very Easy

Cellular Android is one of the most used worldwide inventions, so that more and more are brought to market tools that allow users to optimizar performance, and improve Google Chrome browsing speed example. Among these tools is Xposed Framework on Android, that adds modules that are installed to modify certain characteristics of the system and application.

Like most of us, want to secure your Android phone has better performance. You may know you the convenience of Frame Xposed , but I do not know install it right? And perhaps you are wondering: How do I install Xposed Framework on my Android phone …?. It’s very easy! Here you will learn how.

Features Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework allows the installation of the modules, so to make changes to the system and the Android applications; &NBSP , is that these modified modules functions, forms and application libraries or system without changing the APK. For example, a module can modify the emoji without modifying system files.

Xposed Framework is very convenient, because the modules are capable of changing the interface to the degree to add and modify the characteristics of applications. When modules execute the changes are made in memory , which is an advantage because you can cancel everything, shut down and restart the system module.

 attach the Xposed framework on Android

Install Xposed Framework on your Android phone is very easy

Install Xposed framework will depend on the version of Android on your phone. It is important, it is imperative root. There are ways to determine if your device is rooted or not , this method is very advantageous.

However, it is advisable to backup your cell by a security account system, it could be through recovery mode, if the installation fails. Given all this, do the following:

  • From your cellular download this site , a screen already installed, activate the Xposed modules well as additional setup and configure.
  • To activate the modules must press “Frame” , a window will appear where you need to click-click “Install/Update”.
  • After a notice is reflected click “OK” , the phone restarts and modules are enabled. You must be patient because the procedure can delay a few minutes, all applications are adapted again. Once the process is complete, you can begin to activate the modules you want.

 Xposed android mobile executives

Some modules available for Xposed framework

There are many packages for Xposed framework, to choose; and these are among the most sought, surely some will adapt to what you want:

  • gravitybox: This module is one of the best known Xposed because it is very comprehensive to modify and customize the appearance of the cell
  • .

  • CrappaLinks: This module is basic, it prevents the links open applications in the browser, rather than in the application must be
  • Greenify: This module serves to optimize the performance of the cell suspension applications that are not used. Android has improved this situation by Marshmallow; Greenify but provides better control of the result. In addition, this application can be used without root and Xposed.
  • NeverSleep: This module allows you to use the screen while you use other applications, and configuration can
  • .

  • BootManager: allows you to select the applications you want to load at system startup and not
  • .

As you can see, Xposed framework installed on your mobile is very easy allows the installation of modules to make changes to the system and Android applications, these functions modify the modules, forms and application libraries or system without changing the APK. This tool gives you optimum performance of your phone.

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