To Activate And Configure The Lefty Mode On My Mobile Android -Easy And Fast

 person holding the phone with his left hand

Are you left-handed? Surely you spent part of your life to adjust to do many things with your right hand only because they have not created enough devices for lefties . But now the phone comes out of that list. So then we’ll show you how to activate and configure the lefty mode on my mobile Android, easy and fast.

What is the left-handed mode and what Android phones are available

The world has not been properly charged with creating devices that are special for lefties. Rather, they have forced this group of people to change direction and use your dominant hand.

Fortunately, for some years Google has its Android system implemented in a way that benefits especially this niche. So if you have a few of your mobile, you will have the opportunity to Enable this way and not suffer anymore. By the way did you know that you can also change right click on the left mouse in Windows 10 ? You can try to set it after this tutorial.

This mode basically turn it is, that all targeting your mobile Android , specifically the screen is changed so that it is much more convenient to use for you. This function lefty mode is to change the writing from left to right, as in Arab language, so that fits better to use your left hand.

The left-hander mode is available Android 4.4 KitKat, Android 9 Pie, Oreo Android 8.0 as well as in many layers of customization as EMUI Huawei, Xiaomi MIUI, among others. So you have a long list of options on Android. just have to find out what version of Android you have installed on your phone or tablet and see if supported.

How to enable and configure the lefty mode on my mobile Android

Before you start, you should know that depending on the device that you do can vary just a little option names. But in reality it is a process easy and fast , you take a couple of minutes to run. That said, we can begin the process:

 Android for left

Enable Developer Options

To get started, simply need your Android phone, you do not need any program or external application. First, you must go to the Settings , then search among the last options, the System section. When you press section About phone & gt;. Build number

In the latter option must press several times in a row until you get one where you enter the PIN window, so you will activate developer options. If you could not, you can consult other methods to enable developer options on your Android dispostivo .

Enable lefty mode from Developer Options

Now you must go back to Settings & gt; System but now under this section must click Options to developers. Once inside the latter option you must scroll up until you reach the Force RTL layout option address and turn on this switch.

Then notice that the orientation of your screen will change, making options usually found on the right side, come to be on the left side to make it more comfortable for you.

Enabling this option, you will open doors to use much more comfortable and easy to your mobile Android. no longer you have to force you to use the right hand, but you can use your left hand with much more freedom. Do not worry because the options are omitted to use the lefty mode, simply because the orientation of the screen but the options are the same is changed. Yes, tell you that the first time you use it, you may feel strange to see all invested.

Similarly, if you want to Off this “lefty mode” you have to do is repeat the route that we present above, going to Settings & gt; System & gt; options for developers and there you disable the option.

 man holding his mobile phone in his right hand

Indeed this was a quick and easy with which you can end the restriction use your left hand process at the least when you use your mobile Android. Now you will feel more comfortable and happy being who you freely. You can also set up your mouse for left-handed use by . So too you will feel comfortable with using your PC.

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