How To Disable And Fix The Error Screen Overlay On Android

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Passionate Android say this error is usually seen in the Samsung brand or the Motorola brand. But more and more users are looking for the answer of how to disable and resolve once and for all the error screen overlay Android devices. You can read that we have the solution for you.

How to Disable and fix the error screen overlay on Android

Deactivate and fix the error screen overlay on Android

But as good technical all we have to go step by step, search solutions calmly, that it is good to learn and increase our knowledge.

It is not just to give the solution to the problem of the moment, but we solved in a way that error does not return to apparate more, ie, correct the error permanently, so the first thing we have to look at our devices Android.

There are programs that, wanting to be very careful and protected our apparatus, the overload of information. These programs must look for are those who downloaded to clean the phone, help with saving battery, delete the cache and cookies in the browser on Android , which themselves are not bad, but generate interrupts on our device.

Another option we have to restore, are the Preferences overlay , this is very simple, you just have to enter the settings of the phone, usually on Android devices identifies with a gear wheel, once inside, go to the option Applications.

Of course everything will depend on the brand that you own, because in some devices on the same list the overlay option screen is displayed, if not please go to Advanced Options and you will find there.

So you can funcionarte the process you did, whether you did step 1, step 2 or both, you just need one thing; and is restart your Android device securely , for the device to accept the changes you made, this step will not have more problems with error screen overlay .

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 overlay settings screen

Why this error occurs?

This error is very common as already mentioned, but basically it is because we believe that we download are the best applications for Google Android, and many of these are in addition to bringing the device initially.

But not for applications such as social networks; but apps that supposedly help us to have more space, we our battery last longer, or remove a Trojan virus on Android or cache; and some applications want to be above others, is a permit to have some app.

For example, surely have noticed that when you download a new app like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook or any messaging; when you go to use it, he asks you if you will give access to the camera, to the gallery, to the microphone in order; This makes the system Android as security for intrusion systems can not access as easily.

This problem is now affecting several users Android has a solution and you yourself perform the procedures we explain you so you can enjoy without hassles of your device


Perhaps, when you see things calmly and patiently, you see that is not the device, brand, or operating system the problem; but simply an app that is causing problems, because only to eliminate suffering will end.

 Turn off screen overlay

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This OS open source, has many things yet to show; and how everything is growing, you may arise on the way failures which they are solved. So do not worry about the overlay error you see on your screen Android; you know how to turn it off and give smooth definitive solution.

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