Putting Virtual Buttons On The Home On Android Easy | Without Root

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Today we will see how to virtual buttons on the home on Android in a very easy way and most important of all without root . With a fairly useful applications and weigh very little. You can have virtual buttons on your phone without rootearlo.

Putting virtual buttons on the Home Android very easy | without Root

It is quite common that with the passage of time the physical buttons of our phone suffer some kind of injury or not work as they did at first. That is why it is essential to have a «plan B» in case you do not want or can fix it.

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Another way to solve the problem of damaged buttons is changing the function of the physical buttons your phone Android

Nothing better to use virtual buttons to move around in the cell. This even is ideal for those who want to care as much as possible to avoid damaging the device or wear the physical buttons.

Let’s see a few applications quite useful and light so you can enable virtual buttons on your mobile in a very simple way. These apps are very easy to set up so it does not require you to have advanced knowledge on the subject to get it.

The physical buttons are a basic tool of phones because they allow us to do small tasks without switching on the phone screen, you can do simple actions such as change a song you are listening or off talkback.

Let’s then a small top of the best apps to have virtual buttons on the home of Android without rooting the device and above all in a simple, fast and accessible for all the world.

special buttons phone

Set virtual buttons on Android without root

Simple Control

application is a fairly popular in the Google store . Best of all it’s completely free and has more than 5 million downloads. The weight of the app is almost nil, less than 5 MB and is compatible with Android 4.1 and later.

The app facilitates the task of using buttons like home, back, notifications, camera, search, volume, screenshots, settings, etc. Everything is fully configurable and if you want to avoid using the physical buttons or directly can not do, this app is for you.

Navigation Bar

A very comprehensive app that has more than ten songs so you can customize the maximum virtual buttons. It also has a way to hide automatically these buttons. By simply sliding your fingers up the virtual buttons you have available.

You can also customize their location, size, colors, etc. In a nutshell is a complete app with many options for customization.

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How have virtual buttons on Android

Control Navigation Bar

The application is fairly simple, but perfectly fulfills the idea: prevent use physical buttons . It is available in the Play Store and you can have virtually the home button, back and fresh.

To configure must go to accessibility services and press on the navigation bar. After this simply grants permits and go.

Soft Keys -Home Back Button

If the above proposal convince you not then Soft Keys is the app you need. Because you can also use the accessibility options. To use this app just download it, give it the necessary permits and start the configuration. You decide whether you want to buttons are big or small, customize visually speaking, setting up what will serve each of them, etc.

How to Appreciate you is not all that complicated to learn how to virtual buttons on the home on Android in a very easy way and best of all is that you do not need rooted device.

Even if you have any questions about rootear mobile or want to learn more about this topic. We recommend navigate Miracomosehace to learn more about all the tricks and secrets of Android and the world of the root.

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