How To Reset An Android Device In Safe Mode? Fast And Easy

Often your Android mobile begins to be deficient: system failures applications, Slows do not respond and do not get how to solve problems. This time we will show you how to reset an Android device in safe mode, quickly and easily.

Android for the same operating system with most operating systems on computers, office and personal equipment, is equipped with a feature called Safe Mode. This allows you to track the origin of many of these problems that plague mobile devices.

Another reason why your phone may have defects in the system or be something it is because the installed applications use a lot of space in RAM, so in this case you can do is < a href = "https://tdftips. com/detener-apps-consumen-memoria-ram-android/"> detener these applications.

Safe Mode, and how does it work?

As indicated. Most operating systems are at present failures whose origin could be the presence of viruses, unusable software, improperly installed applications, among other shortcomings attacking teams and become a puzzle.

In this case, restart a device Android in safe mode, you can use your mobile device running only basic applications. In other words, only requests that brings incorporated newly purchased mobile society.


A insurance’ll jog mode to access the mobile or tablet, preventing possible side applications causing the execution of failure &NBSP;. This way you can start to check the status of your device and determine, almost the security source of the problem is in one of the secondary applications .

How to reset an Android device into Safe Mode

There are two ways you can go into safe mode on your device. One, when the phone is switched off and when it is on. The simplest is the second, when the mobile is on.

If this is the case, you must first press the physical button off. You must keep it that way until a window appears with the message “ Restart safe

 android tool

In this window, you simply click on the word   “OK”   and eureka, the computer restarts in safe mode function. In this mode, the only device will continue to work with the original applications, as the expression goes, factory.

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On the other hand, to start the machine depending safe mode when turned off. The first thing to do is turn normally.

Once lit, you must press and hold the volume button while watching, you have press until the beginning of the mobile safe mode animation .

At the end of the review simply press the power button until you exit a window with the option   “Reset”, and mode closing’ve probably safe. It is important that you are as restarting the Android device in safe mode, easy and simple.

Although Safe Mode you must restart the Android operating system for fear of losing information or changes in your phone, but if you want more you can always create a Backup your Android phone operating system.

Other options Safe Mode

Turn on your mobile device safe mode allowed to operate only with original applications on your computer . So you can go and have those applications that we suspect responsible for the fault or failure.

On the other hand, it may happen that the device is unrecoverable failure. Operate in safe mode delete those sensitive files you have on your device or computer. Before seeing forced to take more drastic measures such as having to restore and lose valuable information.

If I was interested that the work and functions of safe mode on your Android phone, please also turn on your PC with Windows 10.

When postoperative Safe Mode,   observe in the gray side application icons, which is a signal indicating that they are inactive. Also, you can see, however, the shadow of widgets that you downloaded, do not seem to work.

 disable safe mode

Safe mode is designed to run when problems of this Android mobile. the case is that this function is activated accidentally or by mistake . Therefore it is necessary to know both how began as a way out of it. Today we show you how to reset an Android device in safe mode.

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Another way to repair your phone without the need to use safe mode all the time is demand iMyFone Fixppo, who is responsible for installing a firmware operating system of your phone

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