Sending Voice Memos With Voices Modified On Facebook And Whatsapp On Android

Voice modifiers have existed for many years and now are at the reach of our hands through our mobile devices. To learn how to send voice memos with changed Voice in Facebook and WhatsApp in Android, carefully read the following guide.

Change voice with special effects may be useful to entertain and to disguise our voice if we see fit. If you want to change your voice and send recordings to your friends via Facebook or WhatsApp, are in the indicated place, because we’ll show you how to do it very easily.

What is a voice changer or modifier?

We call all voice changer tool that allows us to modify the sound of our voice, making it more severe, more severe or applying effects. This is useful if you do not want your voice to be recognized , but is also an option if you want to have fun.

Fortunately Android is a space where we can download many applications for all uses. Similarly we can find very efficient voice switches and free, some of them allow change the voice in a video call for Skype or other Applications. By using it you can disguise your voice to humoristic or more serious reasons.

If you modify and easily apply effects to your voice through the Android operating system, carefully read the following information you want.

 application WhatsApp

How to send voice notes voices in Facebook and WhatsApp modified on Android

Android is a great platform, where almost anything is possible, just as it is a special place to share fun moments. Given this, an application for change our voice , can be perfect to make you laugh your contacts.

This time we will present the voice Changer effects, excellent optional free to change our voice easily and passing send it via social networks . Using this application you can send voice notes modified through WhatsApp or Facebook, follow these steps to change your voice with this great app:

  1. The first step is to download the application, for this go to the Google app store (Play Store).
  2. Inside the store look for Voice Changer with effects , you will easily recognize the application because it has a small microphone icon smiling. Similarly Realize that either of the Developer Baviux .
  3. Once you have found the pressure application on the Install option and wait until the process ends.
  4. In addition to the above, there are other ways to change the voice of fun ways. For example, with Snapchat can put the voice quick squirrel, creating an effect very fun.

    Using voice changer application of effects to change your voice

    1. Use the app is quite simple, the first thing to do is log normally.
    2. Once inside voice changer with effects, pressure on the microphone icon to begin recording the note or message you want to send to your friends. When you have finished recording the note you press on the small microphone.
    3. is displayed on the screen all configuration options available to you, as you may notice there are a lot, you can test each one by clicking the Play button.
    4. To send only pressure on three points located to the right of each and click on the Share.
    5. Now you just need to select the application through which you want to send the memo modified speech. You can choose from WhatsApp, Facebook or any other application compliant messaging.
    6. Select user or group that you want to send your voice note and click the option to send corresponding application.
    7.  voice changer with effects

      After following the above steps you can send modified voice notes , one of the great advantages of this application is that it is completely free. Similarly is notable for the large number of voices are available, among which we can find the robot mode , gravelly voice, alien, giant squirrel, and so on.

      In addition to the above, if you want to find as many applications like that, we recommend best applications to change the voice in a call, essential and very useful for a fun time.

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