How To Troubleshoot Wifi In Cellular Android

 fix android wifi connection

When we use our smartphone , we want to be at all times connected with the world. Call it friends, employees, colleagues, family, knowing news the moment, etc.

But if for some reason our connection fails we panic. That is why the next article will show how to troubleshoot Android phone WIFI connection.

How to Troubleshoot Wireless Internet access in Android Cell

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But do not be alarmed the Android operating system usually presents some problems when you try to activate a WiFi connection. But solving this problem is also very easy to do and when you want to increase your signal. And you can surf the net without any problem with the data provided by your Router or any other device.

But as you have said, stay calm, this is a very recurrent problem and we can apply several solutions to this problem. And one of the first that should apply is with those that have to do with the coverage of your Router. You should take into account the possible obstacles such as doors and walls may be causing your lack WiFi connection.

Whatever problems you have WiFi connection on your Android phone , such as disconnections without reason, in the next article we will solve. Our purpose is to offer useful and effective tools that anyone can apply. Without it being necessary to have some knowledge about computers and then show you possible solutions.

fix WiFi connection

How to troubleshoot WiFi in cellular Android

So you can troubleshoot connection WIFI Android cell to do the following. Where your connection is a bit slow or too late to connect will apply a solution that will allow settings are restored. To do this we go to direct cell configurations.

Then we will select the WiFi option, here will show all networks that are available at that time. Then you automatically connect to which this has less power and generate much later or not it is connected. Some phones have an option called Passpoint and should enable it.

To do this we will direct preferences WiFi, then we press on Advanced and here we look for the option Passpoint. We will realize that we will be off and on. With this option enabled cell phone will connect to the WiFi connection you have more power, without requiring us to choose.

If you’re still having problems connecting to WiFi , you’ll choose network that the phone is trying to connect. At the select it will tell you is connected and then we will press on the Forgetting option. Then you’ll give back and you are on the Internet and networks window.

Then you’ll head to the top right and you press on the icon of the three points and then go to press the Reset network option. And at the bottom of the Reset option and do there appear pressure. And again Reset Settings.

This action will allow both network access and data cell are restarted are no saved network. Then again perform the operation to connect to the WiFi network and this way we guarantee that you’ll get a higher performance . Now for another solution if your phone can not be applied.

Another method for troubleshooting WiFi

There are cell phones as Samsung you have is the Settings option, we press on it and then WiFi. At the top we find the option Advanced and pressed, then in the next window we went to the end and press See more. Then we will activate the option Hotspot 2.0


 problem wifi connection

And now we go to the Keep WiFi enabled for suspensions, to find the option entering never activated. We must select this option always spend way more battery but not switched off when the computer is suspended. And in this way we end this tutorial with the best solutions to your WiFi connection problem.

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