Taking Pictures In Motion With Android Phone With Camera Mx

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If you want to take “living pictures” on your mobile device, do not need to resort to an iPhone. For some time now we have applications that we can improve this. Today we’re going to have how to take pictures in motion with an Android phone with Camera MX.

Taking pictures in motion with Android Cellphone with Camera MX

With vivid photos or “ Live Shot ” as they often call it, we refer to moving images or not they are “frozen”. With this app, get moving images, and you can play them as if they were a GIF.

What is Camera MX

This software is available for Android mobile devices from the official store Play Store. It is an excellent application if you’re looking to improve the quality of your photos and videos, and even take professional photos people only your cell.

Please note that this application is available for operating systems Android 2.3.3 or higher, and for Live Shot function from version 4.3.

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Regardless of how many megapixels your camera that counts or the manufacturer of your Smartphone, is one of the most complete and popular alternatives.

Some of the features of it are:

  • Auto Focus optimized for best image quality.
  • JPEG format adaptable to the camera settings of your device
  • HDR for photos, regardless of lighting that count.
  • Compatible with rear and front camera
  • .

  • Filters and effects in real time and post for photos and videos.
  • Pauses to edit videos while you’re recording.
  • Timeframes for recording slow and fast motion.
  • Flash on -off -automatic -flashlight to light while doing your production images and/or videos
  • .

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  • GPS Settings if you want to add a location to save the location.
  • Self timer for photos and videos
  • Grids for improve the positioning of the camera.
  • light settings, focus and automatic exposure.
  • sequence of photos with Shoot the past burst mode to capture images before you press the shutter button.
  • A wonderful night mode in the camera you can use when need.

How it works Camera MX

This app stands out for the number of effects and tweaks available. Also it has a online service that lets you store all your multimedia files. cloud works like Google Photos.

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To add effects to your images and videos this app has an extensive section, so we recommend that you take some time to exploit all the functions, allowing you to tomar professional photos on Android.

As mentioned earlier, has a Media Manager is an online gallery that will allow us to explore photos and videos you’ve taken with this app.

When you download this app, you will have your own website where you can share what you want.

From there, you can add effects after the capture, make video clips with the photos you’ve taken adding sound so that remain as slide shows.

Your friends can access your online album because it works similarly to a social network. It is a good alternative if you want others to see your artistic side. To do this, you need to share the address of the URL.

The downside of this app is that We offer many of the filters and effects that provide us with other apps or even social networks like Instagram or Snapchat.

However, we recommend you try it, not because it takes up too much space and above all can be downloaded from the official store Play Store for free. In addition, if you want to further enhance your photos, please use the best program for editing photos find.

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Do not waste time, begin to take the best pictures and videos like a pro and show everyone how great you can become your productions. Try it and leave us your comments, we want to know your opinion to respect.

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