How To Convert My Android In A Security Key | Protect Google Account

Smartphone security

What we do then is to explain in detail how to convert my Android in a security key so that in this way you can protect your Google account and prevent anyone can access it. Even if you know the password.

How to Convert my Android in a Security Key | Protect Google Account

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Convert my phone into a security key

Although it seems obvious, first going to have to have a Google account on your device. Generally we all have an account in it, it is one of the first things we do to the configure this.

However, if not. What you should do is go to Settings & gt; Accounts & gt; Add Account and add the account you will use in this process. It is recommended that for security reasons is an account to which only you have access.

After this you’ll need a computer and access the web Google Account and then sign in with the same account you have configured in Android.

Before you start it is recommended that you make sure you have the mail password and keep it handy if you do not know your password show a problem with it, follow these steps to recover your password.

Then you’ll have to go to the option that is in “ Security ” at the bottom that says “ Two-step verification “. As never did this, you will have no security method activated.

It appears a new paragraph that says “ Protect your account with two-step verification ” This is what we will do is to press the “ Start ” button located below. This is to add more protection to your account What is? Actually, if someone find out your password, this method enabled, you can not access your account.

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How to enable two-step verification in Gmail

Once you press the “ Start ” you’ll have to enter your password and once you do you to a new screen where you say you’re going to use your device as the second step to log in.

To continue you will have to press the blue button that says “ Try now ” This is to prove that everything works correctly. Notification on mobile where you question if you are trying to log appears. In this case it is more than evident that if, so you must press on “ Yes “.

Then a section appears where you suggest a secondary method if the fallen notifications (something very strange happens) we can choose the method of SMS or call and simply press on “ Send “.

If when requesting the verification code this does not arrive, do not worry about and it is an easy problem to solve.

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How to use my Android as security key

Once you have activated the verification in two steps can start using it to protect our Google account, for example. For this we will have to go two-step verification and press on “ Start “.

Let’s go back to the page to protect your account where you add further explains that another layer to protect your account. So we press on “ Start “. Now we will have to enter our password and then will send a notification to the mobile where you need to press on “ Yes ” to confirm that you who are performing this process.

Now you have to go down a bit to “ Setting a second alternate step ” and here we have to press on the option under all “ Add security key “. This means you’re going to add a device to log on.

Here you can use a device like security key. Can the mobile or USB drive, you must choose the method you will use on the screen you’ll see in this step.

Then we will go to a new screen where you explained some requirements and how to do. It is essential to close the PC enabled Bluetooth and for the moment is only available in Chrome. To continue click on “ Add “.

This way you’ll have your device configured as a security key to keep thus completely secure your account.

S have a Microsoft account and want to keep it safe href=””> active to protect your information.

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