How To Convert My Mobile Android On A Laptop With Phonebook

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They are advanced incredible Technology that have been made in the field of mobile devices in recent years. We went from mobile phones with letters on a dark background, to have devices with the power of equal treatment to a powerful computer.

All this, without adding high definition cameras with which you can take photos in all their professional and more. In fact, if we think we have an extremely powerful device in our pocket, and if a high the unit -end .

Often, many people often Equate mobile desktops. Well there are computers which are extremely powerful, to the point of leaving tiny all kinds of related devices, it is fair to say that mobile devices have reached a point where they can be used as an ordinary computer.

The detail is that they do not have many materials that makes a computer as a keyboard, monitor, speakers, or any device that easier, he used or navigate, but if you could do something with a reason for this? The response came in the form of directory . Look then you must know about it.

 PC Game of the user

What is the Directory?

In a funding period Kickstarter during the latter part of 2019, some computer enthusiasts and digital marketing was given the task of creating a device that can be used as a computer via a mobile.


This device came in the form of Directory is a laptop with a touchpad, keyboard, screen and speakers; all you can expect from a laptop, but it only works with a mobile phone. Indeed, the mobile phone acts as a CPU .

Basically the laptop ends up having the same power as having your phone. Through the directory can do everything you do on your mobile phone much easier.

You can work, chat and surf the Internet while your phone keeps all downloaded content on your memory, uses its data based Internet browsing and can even play a game that you have on your mobile phone using the mouse and keyboard.

In fact, in the KicktstarterPhonebook more sets of points that have been successfully tested on your device, including media Hearthstone PUBG and up Call of Duty . With this no longer rely so heavily on computer for many tasks if you want.

In addition, the directory has been thinking about the user. In the past, they created other devices such as HP or Lapdeck Samsung Dex. However, these devices have had problems in the market because of its price and do not accept mobile.

In this case, the directory is compatible with all Android and iOS mobile without having to worry too much about the little details so you can enjoy a full offer. In the end, all you have to do is connect your phone and your directory is ready for use.

 display electronic equipment

What does Directory

Apart from the keyboard, screen, built – in speakers and directory trackpad, this comes with several inputs, such as a headphone jack, input HDMI ( the which is also used to connect your phone to the TV )   a USB-C and two Port ports USB further.

It also has a battery that can last up to eight hours, and best of all, is that you can put to recharge your phone while in the phone book using.

It is a device that everyone is waiting to go out on the market, and now all you need to do to have is to make a pre-order in the Kickstarter to have in your door all ready to go out in the world.

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