To Activate And Deactivate Safe Mode On Android Devices -Easy And Fast

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The Safe Mode serves to leave the phone with applications that come from the factory and without access to any additional information that the owner of the device has in it. We will learn quickly how to enable and disable safe mode in href=””>

Generally most Android mobile phones end up in this mode when the pattern or password is entered incorrectly several times. At other times it may be because the device has some kind of problem.

Sea Anyway let’s see how to activate it, what serves and above all things like remove or disable safe mode on Android.

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How to activate or enable Safe Mode

safe mode is available for devices with Android 4.1 or higher . It is usually fairly easy to activate, but may vary depending on the version of the operating system with the phone.

In some versions only hold the off button of the device, a pop-up message will appear where we can see the option “ Safe Mode “. This will cause the phone to reboot in safe mode.

The other way is through the status bar which will access sliding your finger up and down. Simply activate the “Safe Mode” and once the device will restart in this mode with limited functionality.

The Safe Mode is also activated when your device has a problem with any installed application, if this is the case you We recommend fix these errors with iMyFone Fippo

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How to disable and remove Safe Mode

The security mode is precisely a security measure when unlocking code several times is entered incorrectly. The easiest way to unlock Android mode is to reboot the device.

To accomplish this all you have to do is let down the power button until you see the message emerging where we give the option to restart the phone . Should the option not be reset, turned off and back on the same.

If not settled with this. Can force a reboot, so this just going to have to turn off the phone and turn it on while leaving the key must lower the volume while it is starting. However, if you still can not get out this way means you have a problem with the software of the device.

If the above methods do not work, the only alternative left is to reboot the phone factory . This means that applications downloads, photos, videos, etc. It will be removed from it, the phone returns to be as if you had never used it, as if it were the first time you switch it on.

To this must go to the menu “ Settings ” and then “ Backup and Restore ” Now you have to check the box “ Copy security “and then” factory data reset “. We recommend that you have a higher level of battery 60% before beginning this process.

If you can not do it from the menu, you’ll have to use a key combination with the phone turned off to restart the factory. The only downside to this method to reset the device is that you can not make a backup so you’ll lose all your information.

The key combination varies depending on the make and model of the device. Therefore, you must search the Internet how to hard reset your specific model or look out in the same manual.

Once you have accessed the menu hard reset you must go to “ Wipe Data/Factory Reset ” and then choose “ Yes “. It will begin the process that will not take too much. Similarly, the first time you start the device may take longer than usual.

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Working in safe mode tends to be somewhat complicated, that is why if you want to restart your phone being mode sure you follow these steps.

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